Friday, July 31, 2009

Housewarming Parties


If you are moving into a new house or apartment and you want to make a clean start and have a no-shoes rule, you have an ideal opportunity to kick it off with an housewarming party.

The best thing to do is to indicate clearly on invitations that you will be requiring shoes-off. That way people will have no surpises. They can bring slippers, wear clean socks with no holes or a floaty skirt that looks great with barefeet (Trinny and Susanah actually recommend that hostesses of dinner parties should wear a long skirt with barefeet or slippers).

Having an housewarming party is such an excellent way to send the message that your new house will be a shoe-free zone. Even those of your friends who do not come will see on the invitation that you want shoes-off.

Requiring shoes-off at a housewarming party sends the message that you are really serious about the rule and that it is not just an exception for a wet winter evening. After all, some people with shoeless homes actually make an exception and allow shoes-on in parties. However, having shoes-off at an housewarming makes it clear that you want the house to stay as it was when you bought it.


J Sawyer said...

Matthew, we bought a wonderful vaccum cleaner [ ]and have been very pleased with the results. Shampooing is now easier than delacing.

Celestial Fundie said...

Jodie! When did you last comment on one of my blogs?

I do think you should remove your shoes regardless of the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner and the frequency of your shampooing.

The grit on your shoes will cause wear and tear. Even you can't clean your carpet every day and during those non-vacuum days, somebody could walk onto your carpet with shoes that have stepped on pesticide, weed killer or some other nasty substance.

Besides the lovely Sarah Palin is from Alaska where I believe most people take their shoes off at the door.

Every Blessing in Christ


J Sawyer said...

Hi Matthew!

Thank you for your warm welcome! Your place looks spotless as always. Isn't it great that in heaven there will be no more exfoliation.

But your point is that it is the grit that causes the damage in the carpets and floor boards. I can see how that would be true.

I might have to get a system going where my daughters and I do in fact remove them and then it would only be my husband with shoes "past" the door. I think that would make a difference.

And about my current blogging subject, Sarah Palin, I believe I recall seeing a photo of Todd Palin at his front door, during winter, with a load of shoes on a mat at his feet. He is Y'pik. Tribal traditions are probably in agreement with you on the health advantages, and general pleasantness, of indoor cleanliness.

Many blessings, Matthew,


J Sawyer said...

...I remembered the photo differently than it really was. Could you click through my profile to it?


Celestial Fundie said...

Your husband does not like removing his shoes? You couldn't get him a nice pair of slippers?

J Sawyer said...

Good point, Matthew