Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One of those 'Housey' Programes again

There was a 'housey' programe on the t.v. in the hospital accident and emergency waiting room. In this programe, a couple are shown a variety of properties that they might like to buy.

When the couple finally chose their property, both they and the two presenters were shoeless in it. A good deal of the time, the presenters of these programes never take their shoes off, but you get exceptions.


richyrich said...

The link below comes from an NHS website. So it looks as though shoe removal has some kind of official endorsement.Let's hope that this is something that will continue in future and that the media will also promote it.


richyrich said...


Not sure if the full link came through

Celestial Fundie said...

Thanks for that.

Official? To clarify the standing of this article I looked at their editorial policy.

"NHS Choices content will be accurate, balanced and transparent. Information given will be judged against the best available scientific evidence and sources named wherever possible. Where content contains conjecture or opinion, this will be clearly indicated.

NHS Choices will be objective, impartial and even-handed. Where views differ and no scientific consensus can be found it will reflect all significant strands of opinion and state the uncertainty clearly."