Friday, August 21, 2009

Creative Kismet: House slippers for me and my sister

Creative Kismet: House slippers for me and my sister

Its great to read about sensible people who object to shoes being worn in their homes.

Are you a blogger with a shoes-off policy? Post about it and I will put in a link.


Tiger Mouse said...

I thought the slippers were cute. I have a solid black pair that are shaped similarly to the ones that were in the picture. Mine have cute little black bows on them. I usually wear them on days when I have no intention of going anywhere, and I think they'd also be a pair that I wouldn't mind wearing in a shoes-off home, especially if I'm expected to otherwise dress up. (I have yet to visit a strictly shoes-off home, let alone for an event where dressing up is a must, but there's always a first time, right?)

richyrich said...

I was travelling on the train the other day and theere was a child who was putting her feet on one of the seat and her mother told her not to do that as it was rude to put your feet on any furniture with your shoes on. She then added:
"And you're going to take your shoes off as soon as we get home"
It's always nice to see and hear parents drumming this good habit into their children at an early age.

Celestial Fundy said...

Tiger, you never know.

Rich, yes that must have been good to see.