Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Occasionally People are Shoeless on T.V.

Last week, a character on Coronation Street was arrested at her own wedding. It appears her shoes were confiscated while she was locked up (Honestly, I don't own a t.v. and I did not watch the episode, except for a clip or two on the website).

It seems to have taken T.V. producers a while to find out that people usually have their shoes taken away when they are nicked. This follows the tendency of television to always show characters with their shoes on.

Now can we please have more characters in the soaps who prefer shoes-off in their homes?


Greg Dragon said...

Society in the United States has a kind of taboo opinion on the shoe thing. None of my friends are opposed to taking off their shoes in houses, primarily because we all believe in the philosophy behind it. Movies and television rarely if ever show people in their homes wearing socks or bare feet. I find it even disturbing to see people jump into bed fully clothed but television makes it seem normal... "Oh I am so tired let me just lay on the covers and sleep".With the attention to detail on minor things like a table arrangement, this seems to get overlooked quite often.

Celestial Fundy said...

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