Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sadly, there is no 'movement'

A shoes-on advocate posted recently:

Plenty of Reasons to Keep MY Shoes On

She used the word movement to describe the shoes-off trend. While it does seem a relatively hot topic on the internet, I don't think there is any movement as such.

If there was such a 'shoes-off movement', this blog would be the best example, but it is pretty unique in solely dealing with this subject. The Apartment Therapy network of blogs, following the wisdom of Martha Stewart, often advocate shoes-off, but they hardly consitute a movement either.

There are a lot of environmentalist blogs that advocate removing shoes. While they might be said to be part of a movement, removing shoes is only peripheral among their concerns (many of which are certainly not shared by this blogger).

Much of the internet support for shoes-off comes from people who just want to keep their carpet clean, protect their hardwood floors or who have been brought up in shoe-removing cultures and who can't understand why anybody would keep their shoes on at home.

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