Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Being a Patriot

I love this country. For me Britain stands for the monarchy, Protestantism, English cathedrals, fish and chips, Doctor Who and Motorhead.

However, GK Chesterton said that the true patriot is not the man who loves his country because of its greatness, but the man who loves it in spite of its faults.

I love this country, even though it is not the custom here to remove shoes when entering homes. Things are getting better in this regard, but there are still too many people who see no problem with stomping about a carpet in filthy shoes and there are still too many people here who think it is bad manners to ask a guest to remove her shoes.

Because I am a patriot I want to change my country's attitude. I love this country in spite of its fault.


Kev said...

The list of ways in which Lemmy might soil one's carpet is almost endless!

Getting him to autograph the offending patch, cutting it out and framing it seems the English way to go :)

Celestial Fundy said...

As much as I am a Motorhead fan, Lemmy is unlikely to be a guest at any future parties that I host!