Saturday, September 05, 2009

Just got back

I was in the other part of the country this week in order to take my PhD examination. Horrible experience, but I passed it. Just need to make some changes to my thesis.

I am afraid my PhD thesis has nothing to do with removing shoes in homes, in case you were wondering.

I stayed with some old friends in Worcester after the exam. This couple some times take their shoes and sometimes keep them on. I can't help but take mine off when I am at their place, even when they have their shoes on. It is just seems too weird to keep them on. It would feel totally weird.

You will recall I posted about crocs the other day. The lady of this house mentioned that she wanted to get some crocs. This surpised me because she is a very stylish girl. I have noticed that a lot more teenage girls and younger women are wearing crocs. They seem to be becoming much more accepted (as is removing shoes at the door).

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