Monday, September 07, 2009

Lady on GMTV

When I am in the hospital staff room in the morning, GMTV is usually on.

GMTV has a lot of phone-in competitions. Many of these competitions are introduced by a lady who is usually filmed in a rather expensive looking house. This lady is always barefoot.

I have no idea whether this lady is a celebrity or just a pretty face, whether the house is her own or whether it is a no-shoes house (the carpet upstairs is almost white, so it would be sensible), but it is nice to see somebody with shoes-off in a home on television on many mornings. It rather runs counter to the tendency of television to have people in shoes all the time.


victoriap said...

Hey matt,this morning i caught a programme called homes under the hammer, where a young couple of trainee accountants had bought their first home. Anyway at the end when they finished decorating etc its showed them with their shoes off by the door and then into their slippers.Its the first time iv seen this on tv. But its so true when you buy your first house the first thing most people do is insist on shoes being removed.

Celestial Fundy said...

I have seen that program an awful lot at the hospital. Not seen anyone do that on it before.

Aren't you in Australia?


Often people do start removing shoes when they buy a house, but often the habit lapses.

Its like the person who gets drunk and swears 'never again' in the dreaded morning after. But hopefully with this blog we can help to encourage people to keep up the habit.