Thursday, October 29, 2009

Apartment Therapy: The Benefits of Leaving Your Shoes at the Door

Apartment Therapy: The Benefits of Leaving Your Shoes at the Door

Is anybody keeping count of all the punch-ups on Apartment Therapy over this subject?


Tiger/Moderate Mouse said...

While I understand the basic theory behind "no shoes in the house", I have to ask something here:

Let's say for a second that I swear off wearing shoes inside the house, including settling for slippers or less when getting dressed in the morning (doesn't matter the day of the week) and on days that I have anywhere to go, putting on my shoes are literally THE LAST THING I do before I go. Not only that, I discipline myself to be super-productive with all chores and sitting-down type tasks independently of being shod. So far, so good, right?

Okay, let's say on any given day, someone in my household gets injured in the backyard and needs my help NOW! My shoes are all at the front door which I am nowhere near. Do I bolt out as I am (in slippers, socks, etc.), even if it defeats the purpose of no shoes in the house that is often proposed or do I frantically run all the way to the front door, possibly at the risk of slipping on any hard floor to grab my shoes?

For that matter, what if there's a fire in my house when I'm shoeless? Sure, it'd be easy to grab my shoes if they're right beside me (Even when I go to bed, I have a pair of slippers or flip-flops beside me), but not so easy if they're all the way over at the front door and I'm basically at the opposite side of the house. If that were to be the case, should I again, run out as I am (in slippers or less) or should I rush over to the front door to grab my shoes at the risk of not making it out in time?

Just for the record, no, I have never been in a house fire and no, I've never had any life-threatening emergencies to help with outside. (However, there had been times when I needed to grab my shoes on short notice when my help was needed to carry in groceries.) But there is always a first time, and I think that despite all of the alleged advantages to a "no shoes" household, one of the drawbacks is not being as prepared for those emergencies that require a super-quick exit outside the house or else.

richyrich said...

You must have a big house if you're concerned that it'll take you a lot of time to get to your front door to get your shoes. As I have a small house and getting through thte front door is the only way of getting out into the street for me and as my shoes are by the front door, it isn't really an issue for me.

Bob said...

If there was an emergency and someone needed my help instantly or if there was a fire, the last thing I would think about is my shoes. As to having to help with grocries, folks can wait a second while I put on a pair of shoes.
I keep a pair of shoes by the door which leads to the garage for the purpose of throwinfg out the garbage getting the mail helping with packages etc.

Celestial Fundy said...

Tiger, I presume if you could not get to the front door, you would go out of the back door, if you have one. Most people I know have some shoes by their back door.

If like me, you own many pairs of shoes, I am sure you have some stored in your bedroom wardrobe.

I have heard these sort of arguments before, and they just sound like arguments for wearing shoes in bed.