Friday, October 23, 2009

Good Point on Hints

Removing shoes came up in yet another discussion on Apartment Therapy. A commenter called akay made a great point:

Everyone -- regardless of their inside footwear policy -- usually has a couple of shoes by the door, so this barely qualifies as a hint.

A lot of people suggest that if you just leave some shoes by the door, it is enough of hint that shoes-off is preferred. Ideally, people would take a hint, but in reality I don't think this will always happen. As akay points out, even people who don't have a shoes-off policy will often leave shoes by the door, so it is not really a hint.


richyrich said...

Have you seen this link?,0,33556.story

SelimaCat said...

Dear Sir,

I'm sorry to leave a lengthy comment, but I couldn't find a contact link to email you directly.

My husband and I instituted a "no shoes" policy about a year ago, and since then, we've been running into process difficulties. The problem is that our shoes pile up near the door and soon we have nearly every pair we own hanging out at the door, rather than in our closets.

What is your process for keeping that from happening? A once-a-week sweep? Carrying your shoes upstairs every night? Are there certain shoes that live by the door full time and others that don't? There are three of us in our household, and even limiting it to boots and a favorite pair leaves quite a jumble.

I realize this might seem a silly question, but I'm truly curious what other households do.

Thanks so much,

Celestial Fundy said...

SelimaCat, thanks for your comment.

Personally, I think it looks nice to have some shoes at the door.

Of course, I have too many pairs to leave all of them there.

What I do is leave some shoes thatg I wear regularly by the door and when I remove other pairs that I don't wear so often, I return them to the cupboard before getting out another pair.

Maybe some other readers can offer suggestions.