Friday, October 30, 2009

What if?

New Statesman magazine features a light-hearted column by Dominic Sandbrook which speculates about how things might have turned out differently. This week's column speculated on what might have been if Britain had voted not to join the EEC in 1975.

Aside from Tony Benn becoming chancellor of the exchequer, the article suggests that Britain would have developed very intimate relations with Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In this might-have-been world, Britain becomes like the Nordic countries a slightly dull but orderly and socially progressive country immersed in Scandinavian culture:

There are always those who think that we would have been better off staying in the EEC, and that today's Britain, with its environmentally friendly monarchy, its entrenched social democracy and its taste for meatballs, is all a bit dull. But it's surely a small price to pay for trains that run on time, redistributive taxes and the world's leading whaling industry. And who wants to be like Italy, anyway?

No doubt in such an imaginary world, Britain would be a nation of progressive people who always remove their shoes at the door, just like Norway, Sweden and Iceland.


richyrich said...

Have you seen this link from last Friday's Daily Express? Let's hope the research will get much more publicity here in the UK.

Anonymous said...

I live in Leeds and as you might be aware we have had a rufuse collectors strike for over 2 months.

Rubbish is piling up everywhere and often spilling out onto the pavemants and paths. It is a real nightmare!!

As a result of this I have noticed that a lot more people are removing thir shoes indoors, certainly in homes but also in some offices and workplaces. Some take another pair of shoes to wear indoors. Others just go shoeless or do the same as me and carry a pair of slippers in their bag to wear indoors.

The council are using private contractors to try to clear the baglog, but to be honest they have'nt made much of an impression on the mountains of rubbish everywhere. I really hope they manage to sort it out soon!!

I am unsure whether this is of releverance or interset to this blog? Really sorry if it is'nt. If it is and you would like to hear more of what is happening in term of shoes being removed I will happily share my experiences.


richyrich said...

Yes I'd love to hear more of your experiences of people removing their shoes Becky.

Celestial Fundy said...

Becky, thanks for visiting.

Its great to hear about peoples' experiences.

The refuse strike does sound a lot of hassle though.

Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks for that, Rich.