Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting Attention

This blog got a mention in an article in the Boston Herald website, written by Lauren Beckham Falcone. Its from the pro-shoes-on perspective: Party hosts’ shoes-off policy should be booted to the curb


richyrich said...

Although we may not agree with the article's viewpoint, surely it is good news for those of us who favour "shoes off policies" to see evidence that it is on the increase and an acknowledgement from its opponents that we appear to be winning the day.

I think it just goes to confirm what I said on here the other day that it is on the way to becoming the "norm". Although the article here refers mainly to the US, we in the UK tend to follow the States with most trends pretty quickly and there is no reason to suppose that this is any exception.

Celestial Fundy said...


And while not wanting to be immodest, I am not surprised that the author has come across my blog.

This blog tops almost any Google search including the phrases 'remove shoes' or 'take shoes off.'

If any journalist for the Times, the Jerusalem Post or any other newspaper decides to write an article about removing shoes, they will come across this blog in their research.

richyrich said...

I suppose that you look forward to the day when this blog will no longer be necessary when "shoes off policies" are universal and taken for granted by everyone.

Celestial Fundy said...

Time will tell.