Monday, December 28, 2009

A Really Daft Comment

If you don't want shoe-wearing people in your house, then why invite them to a party at your house to begin with?

This person is evidently under the impression that shoes are an integral part of the wearer's body.


Anonymous said...

Why invite? I'd answer like this: to give shoes-on people a chance to feel how relaxing, comfy, nice, ice-breaking and home-friendly it is to kick off your shoes when entering a house or apartment!

Celestial Fundy said...

Quite so.

Anonymous said...


I posted a few times before Xmas.

Just to let you know it was OK in the end.

At the event before Christmas where I was playing the hostess role at my boyfriends house I wore a dress and knee-length black boots which I removed when I arrived, and then spent the evening just in my stockinged feet.

Unfortunately, the other guests all kept their shoes on, except for 1 lady who when she saw me without shoes on asked if it was ok for her to remove hers. I replied that of course it was. She went back to her husbands car and retrived a pair of slippers which she had apparentlty been wearing in work, because of the snow and then wore those all evening.

I am now back in work, - how's everyone else doing?


Celestial Fundy said...

I am back at work too.

Thanks for letting us know about that.

richyrich said...

I'm back in work on Monday, 4 January. Also I hope you both had a nice Christmas.
Sarah, I'm glad your event before Christmas went well. Did any of the guests (apart from the woman you mentioned) make any comment about the fact that you were in your stockinged feet? And did you get any chance to argue the case for shoe removal in homes to anyone?

Happy new year to you both.

Anonymous said...


No I'm afraid no one commented, I guess most of them know that I don't normally wear shoes indoors.

I was wearing a skirt and stockinged feet so it was obvious I was shoeless, and also I left my boots at the door.

I am unsure about the other lady I mentioned. I think she had the slippers with her as she had walked to work in the slush we had before Xmas and had taken the slippers to wear in work.

So I am unsure whether shoe was really into the "shoes off " thing in general.

Having said that she works in a bank and had come straight from work. I guess she must have a fairly relaxed attitude about shoes off as she was wearing slippers in a professioonal enviroment rather than taking another pair of shoes to wear. But then as I mentioned before I always work with my shoes off!!

I will make a point of asking her when I next see her.

Is anyone else going to a party tonight and planning to go shoeless?

As it is so cold I am wearing boots, but am going to leave them at the door (hopefully as long as my B/f does'nt complain!1).

Happy New Year everyone.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, it's been very kind of you to share how it was in the first event; how about the second one? Thank you in advance