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You may not have a baby at crawling age
But if you ask visitors to your home to remove their shoes, you send a message that it is acceptable to keep your home shoe-free. That makes life easier for those who do have crawling babies.

You may not have a new carpet
You may have an old carpet that needs replacing or a wooden
floor that is covered in scratch marks. But if you have a shoes-off policy, it will make it easier for those who do have a new carpet to do the same.

You may not live in an area where there is pesticide on the ground
But if you have a no-shoes rule in your house, it will make thos


Anonymous said...

What a great blog, - I have just found you!!

It is a shame though that you have to campaign to get people to remove their shoes, but I guess that is just the way it is!!

I would never dream of wearing my shoes in my house or anyone else's.

In fact to be honest I prefer not to wear shoes indoors at all as long as the floor is clean.

I work in a libary and have started keeping a pair of fairly smart leather slippers in the branch where I work to change into.
They are so much more comfortable than wearing foraml shoes all day, and also I noticed that my shoes were making a lot of noise when I wakled through the study area whereas the slippers have a soft sole and are completely silent.

I probaly look a little odd though wearing a smart skirt, stockings and just slippers rather than shoes.

Becky Lewis.

Celestial Fundy said...

Becky, thanks for visiting and leaving your comment.

I am sure you look perfectly elegant in your slippers.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for replying to my post.

I think my slippers look OK. They are not like fluffy bedroom slippers, but a samrt and soft leather slipper.

Just don't like wearing formal shoes all day. Also, I live on a farm so as you can imagine really need a shoes off policy at home.

One of the other girls I work with (Rachel) has started to take her shoes off in the libary where we work. She has'nt bought a pir of slippers in to wear, but just wears socked feet rather than shoes.


Celestial Fundy said...

And your manager does not mind? That is good.

I do take my shoes off in the office quite often.

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

I am actually the branch librarian, (not as dull as it sounds I promise!!) so I don't have a manager.

I think really the whole issue of shoes off at work is one of common sense and moderation.

I would'nt let any of the staff I work with walk around barefoot or anything, but Rachel ( the girl I menioned before) asked ne whether it was ok. She is always smartly dressed and I don't think it really matters if she in just in socked or stockinged feet rather than having to wear her shoes all day if she does'nt want to. Hope this makes sense!!

The other staff all wear shoes.

Am I correct in thinking you are a guy?

If so I think it's great that you take your shoes off in the office, - do you just go in socks?

It seeems, in my experience, that men are more reluctant for some reason to take their shoes off in public. I wish more would do it.


Celestial Fundy said...

Yes, I am a bloke.

These days I tend to be wearing socks at work, though I have removed flip flops and gone barefoot in the office plenty of times.

I find it interesting that some people like yourself consider wearing socks safer than going barefoot.

I don't think a layer of wool, cotton or nylon gives you much protection and on a smooth surface, you are more likely to slip in socks than in bare feet.

Celestial Fundy said...

Becky, are you from Illinois?

Anonymous said...


No I am from the UK, - what made you think I was from Illinios?

It is'nt really a safety thing with me. It's just that I don't think it would look very professional for staff in a libary to be completely barefoot!! Just out of interest do you agree?

This is why I wear slippers. Mostly the other staff wear shoes, but the other day the young lady I mentioned, Rachel, asked whether it was OK if she started to take her shoes off in the libary.

As I think I may have mentionmed in an earlier post she is always smartly dressed and I think as long as she is in socks or stockinged feet it is fine.

By the way, I think it's great that you take your shoes off in the office. For some reason it seems something that us girls do far more than men. I am not sure why, but I think it would be great if more men adopted this habbit.

Hope to hear from you again soon.


Celestial Fundy said...

I was trying to find out where you were from based on the stats counter. Somebody from Illinois visited the blog around the time you made that comment.

Are you from the south or the north?

I imagine a lot of people would think stocking feet do not look that professional. Perhaps they might be more noticeable than stocking feet, but less so given a lot of people were sandals these days.

Anonymous said...


Great to hear from you again.

I understand now why you thought I was from the States. No I live in the SW near Bath.

Sorry, but I am afriad I don't understand your last paragraph. Do you mean that barefeet look un-professional or stockinged feet look un-professional or maybe both.


Celestial Fundy said...

I do not think that either stocking feet or bare feet are unprofessional except where formal dress is required or where there is an health or safety issue.

If I was an employer and let staff go shoeless, I would not rule out bare feet.

Anonymous said...


I see what you mean now.

Do you think it is OK for staff in a public libary to be completely barefoot? To be honest I was'nt too sure, and also it might be chilly on the hard floors!!

As long as I can take off my shoes and just wear slippers I am happy.

I am thinking of buying another pair of slippers to carry with me in my bag and change into when I
get a chance.

I went to the Nativety play at my son's school last night and took my slippers with me as I was going straight from work. The weather was awful (very wet), and when I reached the school it was great to take off my shoes and just change into my slippers to watch the play.
One of the other mums saw me do this and took her boots off as well!!


Celestial Fundy said...

It seems like yesterday since I played King Herod in a nativity play.


If it is okay for staff to have stocking feet, I do not see why they might not go barefoot.

I find it really interesting that you associate going barefoot with a greater degree of informality than being stocking-footed.

This makes an interesting contrast with some paingtings in the classical style, for instance the one on this blog heading 'The Golden Stairs' by Edward Burne Jones.

I would say in that picture, the white-clad ladies (who they are and what they are doing is not clearly revealed by the artist) in the picture look quite elegant in their bare feet.

They might be a little puzzled at the suggestion that they are not dressed improperly as they parade down the golden stairs.

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean, - I guess my position does'nt make a great deal of sense.

I just thought that customers in a libary might be offended if the staff were completely barefoot, whereas stockinged feet are a little more discreet.

At home I am nearly always barefoot.


Celestial Fundy said...

You don't wear slippers at home? You don't get cold feet at home?

I am not sure why a customer would be offended at staff being barefoot. They might think that was unprofessional, but they might think the same thing about staff being in socks. Or a pink cardigan. said...

Keep your home shoe-free is a good practice. We in India most of the houses practice this, it is more hygiene and it helps in many ways to avoid many unwanted things coming in your home thru your shoes.

Especially the Hindu homes are very strict on this. Christians in some places are not that strict. But in my opinion shoes off is a good practice.
Philip Verghese, Secunderabad, India

Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks for visiting.

Yes, removing shoes is not really traditional amongst Christians.

But I have heard that in southern India, at least, removing shoes is often practiced inside church buildings.

God bless