Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Seeing this blog in Romanian

Somebody from Romania came onto this blog on a Google search. The Google page offered a translation of the blog into Romanian. It was kind of weird to see my stuff translated into another language. Of course, I can't vouch for the accuracy of an electronic translation.


richyrich said...

It's good to see the message being spread to to other countries. Isn't Romania already a "shoes off" country though?

Celestial Fundy said...

Yes, I believe it is.

Anonymous said...

I would really welcome some advice on two issues concerning Christmas.

I am hosting and cooking a meal for my boyfriend tomorrow evening at his house. It will be attended by a small group of his business associates and patners.

I am in favour of shoes off, but I'm afraid my boyfriend is'nt and it is at his house. I think most if not all of the guests will be wearing shoes, but I would rather not. I am planning to wear a wool winter dress and probably (given the cold weather) stockinged feet and knee-length boots.

Do you think it is OK for me to take my boots off and just be in my stockinged feet. My boyfriend thinks I should wear shoes or boots.

Did I read somewhere else on this blog that Trinny and Susannah said it was OK to "hostess " shoeless or barefoot?

My second concern is Chrstmas Day when we are going to friends for lunch, and again unfortunately they wear shoes in the house, but I would rather remove mine at the door. Again this is cuasing a bit of friction with my boyfrind.

I would really welcome any advice.


richyrich said...

Why don't you change into slippers rather than be in your stockinged feet? Or have you got a pair of "indoor shoes" that you could put on?

Or if you feel brave enough, you could decide to take a "stand" on the "shoes off" issue and if anyone makes any comment, juat explain why you think it's wrong to wear shoes indoors, it would be interesting to see what reaction you'd get. I take it that your boyfriend knows the reasons for your "shoes off" views. Do let us know what happens and I hope it all goes well and a merry Christmas to you.

Celestial Fundy said...

Sarah, thanks for your comment.

With regard to both situations, there is no reason why you should not be shoeless.

There are so-called 'etiquette experts' who think that both hosts and guests should wear shoes, but in my opinion they are living in the dark ages. Who made the 'etiquette experts' rulers and judges over us?

Many hosts will wearr slippers, even if they do not have a shoes-off policy.

And guests will often remove their shoes even if others keep them on.

'Etiquette experts' who insist on shoes being kept on for entertaining are living in the Edwardian era.

As you point out, Trinny and Susannah recommend slippers or bare feet for entertaining; a stylistic choice more reflective of the relaxed atmosphere of the modern dinner party.

I am sorry your boyfriend takes a reactionary attitude, but if he is going to marry a sensible lady like you, he will have to get used to sans shoes in the home (I trust).

God bless


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your quick reply.

Do you think it is more polite to wear slippers rather than being completely shoeless?

Also does it make any difference being in bare or stockinged feet?

I will probably wear stockings, just because the weather is so cold, but wonder whether this is more acceptable than being completely barefoot?

Incidentally, in relation to one of the other threads I think younger people are more into shoes off generally.

I am 25 and work in an opticians. I usually take my shoes off in the shop I work in and just wear socked feet. I usually wear trousers so it is not to obvious I have taken my shoes off. I just feel more comfy with my shoes off ,and as silly as it sounds I find my feet are warmer in socked feet, rather than wearing shoes.


Celestial Fundy said...

I don't think the occasion necessarilly calls for slippers.

Some suggest that slippers are smarter, but that depends what the slippers are like.

I think you can look elegant enough in stocking or bare feet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, - I think on both occasions I will just go in stockinged feet.

Assuming of course I can persuade my boyfrind not to object. After all I am cooking for him and his associates at the first event!!

I can't really understnd why he objects so much to me not wearing shoes indoors. As I mentioned in work I nearly always have my shoes off for comfort, and no one has said anything!!

Thanks for your help with this, and have a good Xmas.


Celestial Fundy said...

Email him a link to this blog.

richyrich said...

I actually think that a woman can look quite elegant in stockigned feet if she has nice stockings and is smartly dressed otherwise. So go for it and best of luck.

Also I hope that you manage to convert your boyfriend to the "shoes off cause"!

Anonymous said...

Thank You, - you have really confirmed my view.

I don't know whether anyone else has noticed, but there are far more people working shoeless in this weather (mostly women).

I imagine it is either because they have got wet footwear or have worn wellies or boots which they don't want to keep on all day.


Celestial Fundy said...

Sensible of them.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, will you please let us know the both companies' reaction?