Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Doctor Who- Stones of Blood

I watched the Doctor Who story Stones of Blood yesterday. Fans tend to argue over the merits of that story, its not the most highly rated in the show's history. I love the Tom Baker stories which feature the Doctor's Time Lady companion, Romana. Stones of Blood has the incarnation of Romana played by Mary Tamm (Margot Leadbetter in the TARDIS).

Stones of Blood is one of the few Doctor Who stories in which shoes play a part in the plot. Romana decides to leave the TARDIS and visit a Cornish moor wearing a pair of extravagant stiletto sandals (ignoring the Doctor's warning about their impracticality), paired up with a rather fetching Burberry cap. Romana finds has difficulty coping with the terrain and while the Doctor is away investigating mysterious events, she takes them off and wanders onto the moor in her bare feet.

Doctor Who rarely shows any shoe-consciousness. The Doctor's later companion, Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding) seems to have no problem running down endless corridors in precarious heels. I am quite convinced she would have fallen over quite a lot in real life. As with most science fiction shows, characters rarely ever take their shoes off.


Tiger Mouse said...

I was going to put this under the "A Word To Shoes-off Advocates" post, but part of my comment is high-heel related.

I had mentioned something about how somewhere in South America, it's considered rude to be barefoot upon receiving guests.

First off, if I go to someone else's house, it doesn't really matter to me what they wear (or don't wear) on their feet when they answer the door.

Second, speaking of bare feet being equated with rudeness, that reminds me of something I saw on TV last night. I was watching the season finale of an elimination-based reality show where some people were competing for the position of personal assistant to a celebrity who shall remain nameless. Anyway, one of the remaining contestants was wearing heels, and at various times, including when she was going up and down stairs to run certain errands, she took them off and went barefoot. In one scene where she was barefoot in the office, the celebrity, who saw this, chastised her for it and accused her of being disrespectful. (If it's any consolation, apparently, the contestant's performance in the rest of the episode made up for this alleged no-no because she ended up winning.) I'm not sure if the situation would've been any less problematic if she had on at least some socks or hose (neither of which she wore beneath her shoes obviously.)

At formal events especially, it seems to be a big thing for girls to wear heels (especially open-toed ones) with nothing underneath (though I'm one of the few who will more likely wear stockings of some sort) but then they'll eventually take them off and go barefoot (whereas their male counterparts will generally be in closed shoes complete with socks). While I can understand wearing one pair of shoes on the way to work or something and carrying another pair to change into, what I don't get is the point behind wearing high heels somewhere in the first place if wearing them for a substantial amount of time is out of the question. I would've thought that if one is going to constantly be on their feet that something like flats or sneakers (depending on the situation) would be more appropriate. I'm just saying.

By the way, we've been getting some snow here in my hometown. I took some trash out sometime after dinner tonight, and well, regardless of whatever reservations I have about a "no shoes in the house, period" policy, it's times like this when I wish that leaving shoes at the front door (or back door, if that's where one comes in from, which I did when I took the trash out) at least long enough for said shoes to dry, was an option. Unfortunately, the entryway's too occupied for that, and my mom and stepdad, (whom I'm living with and who actually own the house) are the only ones who would have any clue as to where stuff in the entryway goes, and as far as I know, they have yet to fully figure that out. Otherwise, I'd gladly help with that since I'm not currently employed and the combination of snow and extreme cold has become somewhat of a stumbling block against the job search. (They did, however, at one time mention the possiblility of instigating a shoes-off policy after the entryway was done having so much stuff in it. I don't know if they ever will or not.) But right now, if I come in on a rainy or snowy day, it's either track wet shoeprints in the house, or take shoes off and carry them to my bedroom. (I usually do the latter, after which I'll change into a dry pair of shoes, this time my blue flip-flops with the fuzzy v-strap.)

Celestial Fundy said...

We are having terrible snowfalls here. Its never been this bad before.

Tiger Mouse said...

Yeah, I don't know about the rest of the world, but I've heard that it's snowing like crazy in parts of US and UK.

On the "Chit-Chat" forum (where pretty much any subject is allowed) for the online book club I'm currently involved in, someone from the UK (more specifically, somewhere called Aberdeenshire) said that there was snow in their area, especially on what was supposed to be their kids' first day of school after Christmas break.

Not only is there still snow on the ground in my hometown, but there's also the anticipation of temperature getting below O Fahrenheit. (You may be more familiar with the Celsius scale as well as the rest of the metric system. Here in the US, the metric system's mostly used in science classes. My stepdad, who's Canadian, was probably raised on the metric system too, but supposedly, he doesn't really miss it. But I digress.) Needless to say, I've been advised not to go out this week unless I really have to. (I've been outside to check the mail, as well as take the trash out last night and grab the trash can from the curb this morning, but that's pretty much it. I'm hoping that even if it's not feasible this year, next year, I'll be buying some winter boots that merely slip on/off or at most zip up so that if I need to go do something in the rain or snow, however much or little time it takes, I can put those on, and when I'm done take them off, and it won't be a big deal even if I end up going in and out multiple times a day. At least my sneakers didn't take as long to dry as I thought they would. I swear, when/if I get my own place, even if I don't end up instigating a shoes-off policy per se, I'll have something set up so that leaving wet/muddy shoes at the door until they dry or until time to put them back on whichever comes first will be doable.)

Given that this particular post dealt with high heels, um yeah, snowy weather just SCREAMS for them.