Saturday, January 30, 2010

Facebook: We don't wear shoes indoors group

Facebook: We don't wear shoes indoors group

There are a few facebook groups dedicated to this subject. You might want to have a look at this one.

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Moderate Mouse said...

I don't see myself joining such a group anytime soon as the "shoes-off" policy that I have for myself is partial at best. My options for what I call "going out" shoes are currently limited to my sneakers or Mary Janes (which pair I put on depends on what I'm about to go do). If I plan on going somewhere (or receiving unfamiliar company), putting on shoes will be part of my getting dressed routine and something I do BEFORE making the bed, eating breakfast, brushing my teeth, combing my hair, etc. as well as any kind of morning household tasks rather than wait until THE minute it's time to leave. Otherwise, if (as far as I know) I will be home all day, I'll put on my blue flip-flops which I wear inside the house or at most to step out to check the mail, help with gorceries, etc., weather permitting. I know I've mentioned this before, but the reason for the flip-flops on 'at home' days is to limit the circumstances under which I wear the other shoes in order to save wear and tear on them as not only do I have such a limited shoe section, but as of late, I have been running most of my errands on foot (I don't drive, and while there is a public transportation system in my hometown, I hadn't been in a position lately to access a monthly pass; besides, there's no promises that my schedule and the bus schedule will line up). The only time I walk around in socks (more likely slipper socks, which I'm tempted to refer to as my 'pajama socks' since I'm more likely to combine them with pajamas than regular clothes) is when I wake up and go to grab a cup of coffee and have yet to get dressed. Even when I sit barefoot at home, it's usually at a time when I'm updating my pedicure or at least when I can get away with sitting cross-legged or with my feet curled up beneath me. (It's mostly on my bed that I do that, and I do try to take my shoes off when I do have my feet on the bed, but I have slipped up at times.) But that's just me.

I've heard of women who own dozens of pairs of shoes. I wonder if limiting how many pairs one has at one time might be an incentive to, if not necessarily eliminate wearing them at home no matter what, maybe limit when and under what circumstances they are worn. On the other hand, I wonder if footwear restrictions in the home (be it a "slippers or less" rule or having one pair of shoes set aside to be worn "only at home" and wearing "only" those shoes at home)might force a person to rethink just how many pairs of shoes they need to have to their name at any one time (not to mention how expensive said shoes should be), especially if they do, in fact end up spending a lot of time at home for some reason. But that's just my thoughts.