Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Giving an Explanation

Deanes Day Nursery: No Shoe Policy (PDF)

A daycare nursery in Essex explains the reason for its no-shoes policy.


richyrich said...

The document summarises the case for "shoes off policies" very well and succinctly, I think.

Celestial Fundy said...

As regards protecting children, yes, rather well.

richyrich said...

There's a letter in today's Times which I'm sure everyone visiting this blog will find interesting. Here's the link to the online edition:

Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks. I found the letter, but your URL is not quite right. I have posted it anyway.

Moderate Mouse said...

This reminds me of when I visited an aunt on my dad's side and her family in Arkansas one summer.

On the Sunday that I was there we went to church. (Pretty much everyone on that side of the family does.) I think at the time my aunt and I were on our way to either Sunday School or Worship and happened to walk past one of the nurseries there. We didn't have any cause to go in there, but I happened to notice that the sign on the door of said nursery requested that, you guessed it, shoes be removed before entering, but I never knew the reason why.

On a non shoe-related note, I've commented under the name "Tiger Mouse" before, but last night, when I googled that name (wanted to see if my blog would appear in the search results; no luck so far), I found out there was ANOTHER "Tiger Mouse", so I'm back to being "Moderate Mouse". Obviously, I've commented on this blog numerous times (and on others as well). I finally have my own and would like to invite anybody reading this to stop by if/when they wish. I'm afraid it's not shoe-related by any means. (Sorry to disappoint you, CF). It's actually reading-related. Nonetheless, here's the link in case anyone's interested:

If you do happen to stop by at any point, feel free to comment too. (And it doesn't really matter to me if visitors have their shoes on at the time or not. Which reminds me, the sneakers are in the shoe rack in my closet for the night. After my toenail polish dries--this time, it's an alternating pattern of purple and green--my blue flip-flops will go on.)

Celestial Fundy said...

I have visited your blog once or twice before.