Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Letter to the Times

A lady in Hertfordshire (Yay! Go Hertfordshire!) wrote to the Times extolling the virtues of her shoes-off policy. It has attracted a few comments.

I am sure she won't mind my posting it here:

Sir, Maybe Kate Ross should adopt a “shoes off” policy in her house (“Cat litter is tricky”, letter, Jan 5). Politely asking guests to remove their footwear is not an unreasonable request. Most of our visitors remove their shoes out of courtesy, without being asked, especially when they see the pile of shoes by the front door.

Kay Bagon
Radlett, Herts

I know that I have said we are not a movement, but we do seem to be acting increasingly like one.

Thanks go to Richyrich for pointing this one out.


richyrich said...

Why don't you add a comment to the online discussion of the letter drawing attention to this site? (unless you've already done so)

Celestial Fundy said...

A little tedious.

You might have left one yourself.