Friday, January 29, 2010

New York Post: Airport Ordeal on Fifth Avenue

New York Post: Airport Ordeal on Fifth Avenue

An investment banker and his wife insist on shoes-off at their high society party.


mr.Anonymous said...

I am sure there were guests who did like it, but the tramplian writer skipped their comments

Celestial Fundy said...

Perhaps it would not have been considered an article worthy of publication if the shoes-off request was not portrayed as shocking or controversial.

Mr.Anonymous said...

you're right 'cause shoes-off at celebrity parties isn't something new

victoriap said...

Perhaps Mr anonymous would care to share with us if he(by proxy) has a shoes off policy in his house. So far he has( and his derivations) told us about what happens in his office. But sir, what do you do? perhaps rather than sign as Mr Anonymous, it would be more appropriate to simply call yourself, Mr Mitty. I am sorry Matt but this guy is taking the Michael. He is playing a clever game, but if you search through his various comments you will see a distinctive manipulative pattern. I expect a retort from him regarding this. This is in keeping with his strategy. (which is entirely predictable.)I will not reply. Keep up the good work Matt. Dont be drawn into a dialectic

Mr.Anonymous said...

Dear Victoriap,
I am afraid I haven't understood what has bothered you so much. Will it tell anything to you if I say my name is Sandro? (short for Alexander).
Yes, I have shoes-off policy in my home, BTW you can find this info in one of my recent posts.
Sandro, aka Mr.Anonymous

Sandro said...

I think I was wrong with the Greek shoes-off comment, yet I have funnily found another one while searching: somebody mentioned they took their shoes off not to spoil the dance floor in a Greek restaurant in Carlsbad, Germany

Celestial Fundy said...

Victoria, thankypu for your concern.

Sandro has revealed that he does have a shoes-off policy, as is the custom in Georgia where he lives (the stats counter seems to confirm that this is where he is).

Sandro has been visiting this blog since spring/ early summer 2008.

I have not seen any reason to doubt his integrity, though obviously anonymous comments leave room for manipulative posting.

It must be said a lot of those who leave comments use the anonymous option for convenience sake.

Celestial Fundy said...

Sandro has volunteered quite a lot of information about himself.

He has told us his occupation, that his father is an academic and that the fighting in Georgia did not affect his area.

While he has only just given us his name, I actually know more about than many of those who frequently comment here.

I have not seen any obvious contradictions in what he has told us.

I do not see any agenda in his comments that would indicate a manipulative purpose.

Sandro said...

Dear Matthew, thank you for support, though I haven't yet quite understood what "manipulation" Victoria meant

Celestial Fundy said...

I have seen plenty of examples of posters making comments anonymously or psedonymously in order to further all sorts of agendas or prove points.

Perhaps Victoria thought you came across as rather argumentative with your replies to some of my comments.

Communication on the internet is very limiting and can cause a lot of confusion.