Sunday, February 07, 2010

Can you believe this guy?

Yahoo! Answers: What do I do about my girlfriend's Asian roomate and my shoes?

The guy who asked this question has one seriously daft attitude, as nearly everybody who answered agreed.


Sandro said...

I think the guy has a serious psychological problem removing his shoes

Moderate Mouse said...

If the guy doesn't wish to go around the place in question unshod, maybe he could bring slippers or "inside shoes" that he could change into if that's feasible for him. If I knew in advance I was going to a "shoes off" home, I'd likely bring slippers or clean up my blue at home flip-flops for that situation (since I do step outside in them to check the mail). That is, unless I have to go shopping or some other public place on the way over, in which case hauling around another pair of shoes or a pair of slippers would be awkward, and since I don't drive, I wouldn't even have a car to leave them in. But, provided I could afford it at the time and was at a place that sold slippers, THEN I'd buy a new pair. (But if not, and therefore, I have no choice whatsoever but to tough it out in socks or less at my final destination, so be it.) That way, what ever might be on my "in transit" shoes will be kept at bay, but at the same time, I can still feel "put together" and ready for anything active that may come up (and not to mention be less prone to curling my feet up beneath me which could offend the the host if he/she is also of the "feet on the floor no matter what" school of thought).

Celestial Fundy said...

I dont think he is inclined to compromise somehow.

Moderate Mouse said...

He wouldn't want to compromise? That's a bummer.

Do I adhere to the "no shoes in the house, ever" school of thought? Not really. But if leaving whatever shoes I wore on the way over at the door (with or without a pair of slippers or "back up" shoes to put on in their place) is what needs to happen in order to keep the peace between myself and the host, so be it. Whether this guy likes it or not, sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do. If the guy really is as unwilling to compromise as you say CF, I have a feeling it will get to a point where the girlfriend will have to choose between him and the roomate.