Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Collection of Shoes

The apartment opposite mine had a collection of shoes in different shapes and sizes outside its door yesterday. I think they had visitors and with all the drizzle, had left their shoes on the landing.

Plenty of people will disagree, but I think an assortment of different shoes is a rather charming sight.


Anonymous said...

I live in an apartment. It is one in a block of four, with a communal hallway.

There is a young lady who lives upstairs and when she gets home from work she leaves her shoes just inside the door to the communal entrance.

Then in the mornming she puts them on again on her way out to work.

To be fair she does'nt leave a lot of shoes there, but should'nt she leave them outside her own door or is she being thoughtfull by removing them as soon as she gets in?

Celestial Fundy said...

I suppose it depends how concerned you are about the risk of tripping over.

Thanks for visiting. Have you visited before? Do you prefer shoes-off in your own apartment?

Anonymous said...

Yes I do go shoeless in my own apartment.

But this lady slipp her shoes off in the communal area and just leaves them there.

She does'nt seem concerned that someone might nick them.

Sandro said...

Anonymous, where are you living?

Celestial Fundy said...

I leave my shoe in the communal area outside my apartment.

I never worry about them getting nicked, because there is only one other apartment sharing the lobby.

Celestial Fundy said...

Sandro, our anonymous friend said 'nick', so he or she must be British.

Sandro said...

I see :)

Sandro said...

another question to Mr.Anonymous: isn't that girl Korean? (leaving shoes before the door is typical for this nation)