Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Got To Visit the Cop Shop!

I shadowed a colleague today. She is a drugs worker who works with drug users who have entered the criminal justice system (I work with drinkers who end up in hospital).

My colleague took me on her round at Stevenage police station's cells. Here in Britain we euphemistically call our holding tanks custody suites.

At Stevenage custody suite, all prisoners have their shoes confiscated, including those without laces. They are given rubber beach sandals to wear. A very sensible policy in my opinion.

Shoes off in the house; shoes off in the cells.


Moderate Mouse said...

Custody suites? (giggling) Cute term.

Speaking of shoes and jail/prison, umm yeah, I've seen movies, TV shows (reality-based or otherwise) and at least one music video with some sort of prison scene featuring inmates wearing prison-type uniforms (usually jumpsuits of some color), and said uniform included shoes of the slip-on variety (sandal style or otherwise) with or without socks.

I also once saw a rerun of the I guess "retired" US sitcom "Rosanne" where it was revealed that Beverly (the main character Rosanne's mom) was arrested for drunk driving. When being bailed out, she mentions having her shoelaces confiscated (but not the shoes themselves).

I've also seen shows where shoes weren't confiscated, but things like jewelry and even ties were (whether that was done "on screen" or it was implied).

Celestial Fundy said...

Some police stations just take laces, but I think most of them in Britain take shoes as well, or at least require them to be left outside the cell.

The reason being that detainees could throw them, use them as a weapon, kick the door or leave black marks on the walls.