Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Sermon on Shoes!

The pastor of Kingdom Baptist Church, Joey Faust preached a sermon on shoes! You can find it here.

Faust strongly attacked women's high heeled shoes as immodest and unhealthy. Its kind of refreshing to hear the kind of old-fashioned fundamentalism that has something to say about clothing. Personally, I think Christian women are at liberty to wear high heeled shoes if they wish, but I think they should at least consider whether they are really modest or appropriate.

Faust's sermon seems to have been at least partly inspired by recent scientific evidence, evidence which he referred to, which suggests that expensive running shoes are a waste of money and counter-productive. It seems the more ankle support and padding you put on your feet, the weaker and more vulnerable to injury they become. This philosophy is good news for people like me who love to wear flip flops with zero support.

Faust would have horrified the fashionistas by his suggestion that if Christian women wear sandals, they should wear socks. As much as I love Faust's preaching and endorse his ministry, I hope this idea does not catch on. I think women look lovely in flip flops with no heel.


Moderate Mouse said...

I just now listened to the sermon. I never knew there was now such a thing as high heels for babies. (Aside from stuff I've read how babies shouldn't wear ANY shoes whatsoever if it can be avoided, the idea of putting HEELS on them leaves me scratching my head. I didn't know that even occured to people.) I never owned any heels myself until I was at LEAST 11 or 12. I don't currently, and I'm 24. The only dress shoes I own at this time are some Mary Janes I got at Wal-Mart, and they are what I wear when I walk to church or go out and about to request/turn in/check on job applications.

If a woman's shoes are supposed to cover her feet completely, all I can say is oops. That doesn't always happen for me. Right now, I'm wearing my blue flip-flops. Would they fit or look right with any socks that I own? Of course not. (I would've tought that back in the days when The Bible was written that both sexes wore open sandals and that there had yet to be such a thing as socks, stockings, etc.) I don't know if I can envision myself wearing socks with the next pair of sandals I own. (Hose maybe, depending on the situation.) However, I have seen several kinds of "closed" sandals.

Celestial Fundy said...

MM, I think Faust is mistaken on that point.

While there were lady's slippers thqt covered most of the foot in the ancient east, only wealthier women would have been able to afford them.

Most Hebrew women would probably have worn sandals outdoors and gone bare foot indoors.

As far I am aware, very little erotic attachment to the foot. Probably, women's hair was considered much sexier.

It is like that in the middle east today. Muslim women must cover their hair and most of their bodies, but not their feet.

The foot is seen as rather mundane.

Even if the foot were seen as something that needed to be concealed then, it would not automatically mean Christians today should conceal it.

I imagine it would be awkward to teach this to women in India or South-east Asia who never wear socks at all.