Monday, February 08, 2010

Sometimes Star Trek is beyond belief

On the Star Trek spin-off show, Deep Space Nine, there is a Japanese character, Keiko O'Brien. Surprisingly, Keiko and her family do not remove their shoes in their apartment on the space station.

It may be the far future and it may be that the floors are cleaned by invisible nanobots, but I am quite confident that the Japanese are not going to start wearing their shoes at home.


Anonymous said...

Why would you even need shoes in a space station? In microgravity we don't need to walk at all. Star Trek's idea of artificial gravity is a scientific mystery, but a necessity to make movies in studios on Earth; still space stations are a controlled, clean, indoor environment where public areas could easily be made barefoot-friendly.

Celestial Fundy said...

I suppose with Star Fleet crew operating machineary, it might be an health and safety issue.

Have you visited this blog before?

icnu said...

Bare feet are not much different from bare hands when it comes to health and safety. In the zones of danger, put on safety gloves and shoes. (Note that some species don't have to wear shoes in Star Trek's dress code.)

Of course in a science fiction environment it is just up to the authors to set standards.

I've just visited your blog yesterday. Even though I'm barefoot at home I don't make a rule to guests coming into my apartment, most of them decide to take off their shoes if they stay for a longer time. I can understand a "no shoes, clean feet only" policy very well, especially if there are children in the household.

Celestial Fundy said...

"Note that some species don't have to wear shoes in Star Trek's dress code.)"

Which one's? Gorn? Can't think of any others, unless you count that silicon-based rock thing.

I know the Orion slave girls are always bare foot, but the beefy Orion blokes are always in boots.

Got to be careful, or people will think I am a big Star Trek fanatic.

I prefer Doctor Who.

You should think about making it a rule in your apartment. It will help to keep the place clean. Though of course, in Austria, I am sure most people will take their shoes off.

icnu said...

In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, a pair of gravity boots is found in the room of a crewman whom they clearly don't fit. He is an alien with very strange-looking feet and wearing the uniform without shoes.

Of course a lot of alien species would be imaginable that have absolutely no use for shoes. All those with gecko feet that would be great to walk up and down the walls in weightlessness, or those who rely especially on the sense of touch. Star Trek "aliens" are depressingly human.

Celestial Fundy said...

Yes. I suppose a pair of prosthetic ears or a false nose is cheaper than a rubber suit, or even green or blue makeup, which is why you seldom see the Orions or Andorians post-Original series.