Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cheap slippers from Lidl

I went with my mother to the budget German supermarket, Lidl. There are always lots of interesting things on offer there.

Lidl was selling cheap men's slippers. My mother bought me a pair to wear when I visit her house. They reminded me of the sort of slippers that you can buy in practically every convenience store in Japan.

Personally, I don't believe it is necessary to provide slippers for guests, but if you do, those slippers would be a good, affordable choice.


Moderate Mouse said...

Well, I finally managed to get a pair of ballet-flat style slippers today. I bought them at the local branch of Dollar General. While I would've preferred to get black ones, those weren't available, at least not in my size, so I settled for some white ones (which I'm wearing now). I'm contemplating getting more in a similar style but in different colors when/if I'm in a better position to do so. (I have one of those hang-on-the door shoe racks in my closet, but I don't remember the last time, if ever, I had enough actual shoes to fill said rack. I'll generally own one or two pairs of tennis shoes, up to three pairs of dress shoes at a time, and if I'm lucky a pair of sandals, flip-flops, and/or boots. In some of the empty pockets are my various pair of "pajama socks" which are technically slipper socks, but I mostly wear them with pajamas.) The advantage that these slippers have is that I can wear socks with them if I want to which I find is a good thing in the winter. I can envision them going with my jeans and any skirts, slacks, or capris that I own, but shorts? Not so much. When/if I do wear shorts at home this summer, I will more likely opt more for my blue "at home" flip flops. (I'm not really big on shorts, but one, there are times when someone has suggested if not ordered me to wear them and two, I've got four pairs to my name--one of which was originally a pair of long pants--and I feel like I will need to justify it by finding time to wear them since the US economy is still such that now is not a good time to waste anything.)
If the whole "shoes off" thing becomes more and more of the standard here in the US, I'd personally be more inclined to have slippers available for those who want some but either don't have any of their own, forgot them, or for some reason were unable to rather than leave them stuck in socks/stockings or lack thereof, when "I" don't like being unshod (at least not after I've dressed for the day) unless I'm doing something that of its nature warrants it or I want to sit cross-legged or with my feet curled up beneath me. Failing having actual slippers available, I'd maybe see about some of those Mary Jane-style slipper socks which, as far as I'm aware are just as washable as their traditional "sock-style" counterparts. That would take care of the female guests. I just wish I knew of a masculine counterpart to them that I could make available to male guests.

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Celestial Fundy said...

I hope you find your new slippers comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Slippers seem to be coming back into fashion at the momment.

There is a young lady who lives near me, and who I see most mornings at the bus stop.

Although we catch different buses we often have a chat while waiting.

About a week ago she was waering a different pair of shoes (prior to this she had always worn formal shoes).

I commented that they looked a bit like slippers, and to my surprise she laughed and said they were slippers!!

She has worn them every day since. They are block with a hard sole and look a bit like a flat shoes.

Even so I was amazed she was wearing slippers to work. Apart from this she was smartly dressed in a formal caot top and skirt with black stockings.

She said the slippers were cheaper than buying new shoes and more comfy.

She said she was "sick" of wearing formal shoes to the office all the time.

Celestial Fundy said...

An awful lot of people have commented lately about wearing slippers at work.

Thanks for visiting.

What do you think about wearing shoes in homes?

Anonymous said...


I left the post about the lady wearing slippers to work, - sorry my name is Claire.

I don't wear shoes at home, or when visiting friends.

I live in the UK (Bristol).

Yes I noticed a few comments about people wearing slippers in work, and if they want to and can "get away) with it why not?

I was just shocked that she was actually wearing slippers to and from work!! She hd broken her shoe and gone to buy a new pair, but bought the slippers instead.

If it rains I imgine she will be trouble!!

Love your blog by the way!!


Moderate Mouse said...

You know, depending on the style of slippers, wearing them on the job might work. If I were to ever opt for that I'd go with ones that look like flats. Most of those have bows or something though, something which is not always acceptable for "real" shoes in a professional setting. (It has become difficult, if not impossible to find a pair of very plain black flats that I'm okay with wearing on the job search; I have nothing against shoes with any kind of decoration, but I'm afraid to wear them until I have a job where I know what's okay.) I'd personally feel awkward working in socks or less, especially in a store with a "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" policy. (I think that was also the case in a hotel gift shop that I once looked around in, and apparently there, even slippers are better than nothing.)
I hadn't really thought of slippers being cheaper than actual shoes. I don't ever remember buying both at the same time. I'm sure that slippers would pose less of a threat to floors as far as scrathes, marks, etc., than would some types of shoes.

Whether or not one has any business wearing shoes in the private home is a gray area to me personally. I'm one of those people whose getting dressed routine usually includes putting on shoes, at least if I have any outside plans. However, if it's raining, snowing, etc., the sooner I can ditch whatever shoes I was wearing and in their place put on slippers or an alternate pair of shoes, the better. My main reason for minimizing the use of "real" shoes at home at this point is to save wear and tear as I only own two pairs for going out and do a lot of my commuting on foot.

Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks for coming back again, Claire.