Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pre-Raphaelite Proportions

Some women are embarassed by having larger sized feet. They ought not to be. Some of the women in the paintings of Evelyn De Morgan clearly do not have smaller shoe sizes:

Ladies with a larger shoe-size should not be afraid when they remove their shoes; there is nothing wrong with their feet.


victoriap said...

RE Pre-Raphaelite Proportions. i Have followed your blog matt for a long time and without a doubt you have made many salient points, but things are getting extremely bizarre when juxtaposing Pre-Raphaelite lifestyles to ours today.
You mention Matt you are doing your PhD. By proxy you must have already have obtained your undergraduate and masters degree and now you have moved forward to obtaining your doctorate.
I am sorry matt but i studied and worked within such circles for many years and i find there to be reasonable grounds for suspicion about your claims that you are engaged in a PhD. If so matt, by whom is it moderated.
I feel in my experience that without a doubt that there is absolutely no way that you are working towards obtained a doctorate. Where were your previous degrees from. This in no way negates your views regarding shoes off etc, but its pretty obvious to those in the system that there is absolutely no way that you are engaged in any way in academic study. if not then show us your hypothesis

Celestial Fundy said...


I find myself a little puzzled by your comment, particularly given the somewhat tongue in cheek nature of this post.

I submitted my PhD to the University of Gloucestershire last May.

The title is 'A Critical Examination of the Ecclesiology of John Nelson Darby'.

I passed the examination on 8th September and have since submitted a revised copy of my thesis to the university. I am awaiting confirmation of my degree.

I can tell you the names of my primary and secondary supervisors if it is really important to you, but I would rather not bring them into it unless you insist. I will tell you my secondary supervisor is at St. Andrews University.

Celestial Fundy said...

Oh, my first degree was a 2:1 in Theology obtained at York St. John College (now university). I took a Postgraduate Diploma (CPE) in Law at Worcester College of Technology, awarded by the University of Staffordshire.

I initially registered for an MPhil at the University of Gloucestershire, then successfully upgraded to a PhD.

I must admit, I resent your implication that I am telling untruths.

Celestial Fundy said...

I would like you to reply to this, Victoria.

Sandro said...

I don't think Mat is going to call us to the Pre-Raphaelite lifestyle )
AFAIU what Mat said Is just an example.

Jonathan Hunt said...

I think that 'victoriap' is totally unaware that your academic studies have nothing to do with taking shoes off.

I find her comment hilarious in one sense and beneath contempt in another. Any reasonable person coming and reading what she has written and your response would just laugh at her silliness.

Celestial Fundy said...

Jonathan, its nice to hear from you again.