Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Rather Obvious Answer


"If you are so obsessed with keeping your floor clean, don't invite anybody to your home."

If you are so obsessed with what you are wearing, don't visit anybody's home.


Anonymous said... shows a video of a new device that allows one to instantly tighten, knot or remove laced shoes with the push of one finger. You can undo & remove knotted shoes, hands free, without needing to bend over. So what's the excuse now for wearing shoes indoors?

Moderate Mouse said...

Hmm, interesting. I just now checked out the site. It doesn't look like it's available where I live (at least not yet). Otherwise, I'd maybe consider buying something like that as I've been compelled off and on to wear/own tennis shoes my whole life. Are those things expensive? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I went to a frind's house for a dinnner party last night, and took my shoes off at the door.

But I was the only one to do this, and my boyfreind said I should have kept my heels on.

Do you think my behaviour was OK or should I have asked if it was OK to take them off or kept them on?

I would appreciate any advice.


Celestial Fundy said...

Anonymous 1, clever.

Celestial Fundy said...

Amanda, thanks for visiting.

Removing your shoes was a very reasonable thing to do, and thoughtful.

Where are you from and do you prefer people to remove their shoes in your home?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for repyling.

I am from Cardiff. Yes I do have a no shoes policy at home and try to emcourage guests to do the same.

I just felt a bit self conscious in my stockinged feet when everyone else was wearing shoes, and my boyfriend's comments did'nt help!!

I don't like weraing shoes in other peoples homes, it just does'nt feel right if that makes sense, and also I prefer and feel more comfy shoeless.

My B/f said if I was going to take my shoes off i shoud have taken something to change into.


Celestial Fundy said...

Your hosts might have thought that wearing slippers in their home was stranger than being in stocking feet.

Perhaps your boyfriend needs re-training- send him to this blog!

Anonymous said...


I am trying yo re-triam him, - at least he takes his shoes off at my home now!!

I have suggested he should try going in his osocks around the office but he's not keen. I always go shoesless in my office, but I guess we girls can get away with it.

I don't think he meant I should have taken slippers I think he meant another pair of shoes to wear in their house.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

I can relate to your predicament.

I work for a lettings company and normally slip off my shoes when doing a viewing,and encoourage clients to do the same.

Howver, sometimes the owner says there is no need and then there is a quandry.

The other day I was doing a valaution and the owner told me not to take my shoes off so I did'nt.

However, I really felt as though I should have, especially as it was raining outside and I had taken a short cut accross the lawns!!


Celestial Fundy said...

Helen, remind me, you have commented here before haven't you?

So many people comment here about removing shoes at work that I find it hard to keep track of you all.

Anonymous said...


No I have just discovered your blog, and have'nt posted before.

Also, I don't take my sdhoes offin work, except when in client's homes.

Why do people take thier shoes off in work?


Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks, Helen. Wherabouts are you from if you don't mind my asking?

Do you prefer people to remove their shoes in your home?

Celestial Fundy said...

As for removing shoes at work, you mentioned removing shoes in the context of your work as a letting agent. I must have got you confused with a number of visitors who brought up the subject in a work context.

Some people remove shoes at work to be more comfortable or occasionally if there is snowing outside. For some reason, a lot of visitors bring the subject up on this blog.

Sandro said...

Amanda, it's always better to act as you think you should regardless of others' opinion. What if others decide something really nasty to you is good?
Ps. I am ok being the only one at a party with my stockinged feet. I only feel sorry for other guests.

Rob and Mary Beth said...
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Celestial Fundy said...

Don't be discouraged, you are not weird. Keep it up and all your friends will soon be asking their visitors to take their shoes off.

It only takes one person to show some leadership.