Thursday, April 01, 2010

Conversations with Colleagues

A colleague today told me his wife insists on a shoes-off policy. He dislikes having to ask visitors to remove their shoes. He is of African origin, but married to a white lady. I told him why it is important to keep the no-shoes rule and that wiping feet on a doormat is not sufficent.

Another colleague told me that when attending a guitar lesson in a home, she remembered having a conversation with me on this subject and removed her shoes.

Those of you who seem to love talking about shoe removal at work will find this one interesting. A colleague told me that in the previous office where she worked, she often removed her shoes. However, in the summer they tended to smell rather strong and her colleagues insited on her leaving the shoes outside!


Sandro said...

Didn't my private students remove their shoes at my home (I have about ten people a day), my floor and carpet would have been ruined long very quickly. Luckily, nobody even needs to be asked or hinted shoes-off as it's almost by default in my surroundings.

Sandro said...

Sorry, "long" should have been deleted from the previous post

Celestial Fundy said...

You might have to start asking if you ever emigrate to the UK.

Sandro said...


Moderate Mouse said...

For much of my life, when I got dressed in the morning, that included shoes, especially if I was going to go somewhere. While I can't promise that I will wake up one morning and declare my home a shoe-free zone (and as the lowest ranking person in the house, I'm not authorized to do that anyway), which would include (I'm assuming) leaving my shoes off until THE minute it's time to go where I need to go. However, the least I can do at this point is limit when and under what circumstances I wear "real" shoes. If I'm not planning on going out anytime soon or if I've come home and don't anticipate going back out, I'll stick to slippers (like the white satin ones I have on now).

Having said that, I'd personally be more willing to observe a full-blown shoes-off policy if that is something my future husband or roommate (one of which I may end up needing when/if I discontinue living with either of my parents) wishes to have happen.

(P.S. By the way CF, I noticed that "insisted" in the last paragraph was spelled "insited." Oh, and um, in case I don't show up here again tomorrow, I hope you have a good Easter.)

Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks, MM.