Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dealing with it

When the subject of removing shoes gets raised in online discussions, some people say that they would never ask for shoes-off because they cannot bear the sight of naked feet.

I can't help wondering whether theese people really avoid going to all beaches and swimming pools.

It must be really hard for these folks in summer or on holidays, when so many people wear sandals.

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Moderate Mouse said...

You know, it's kind of weird, but when I'm at the beach, pool or a similar setting (which hasn't been in a long time), I'm willing to go barefoot then, especially if I anticipate being in and out of the water at some point. Yet, if I'm say, at home taking care of a household task or at my computer, you will more likely find me in one of my pairs of satin slippers (which I'll likely take with me if I go to my sister's this summer to babysit her kid). That's just me. I'm personally indifferent to whether or not other people go barefoot in front of me regardless of whether or not I do myself.

(By the way, I happened to notice that the word "these" was spelled with and extra "e.")