Thursday, April 08, 2010

How to silently remind guests to remove their shoes


1. Cast your eyes downwards at the guest's feet for a few seconds.

2. Make a faint smile with gritted teeth.

3. Look down at the guest's feet again.

4. When the guest looks down, nod.

This may not to work on first-time guests. This is best for reminding people who already know you don't want shoes in your house.


Anonymous said...

I work from home and don't enforce a no shoes policy.

However, I do fine this blog interesting.

Last week a young lady from the solicitors I use visited me at home to go over some routine business stuff.

Although I had spoken to her on the phone, I had never met her before.

Anyway, even though it was dry outside, as soon a she was inside the front door she stepped out of her high heels and left them by the door. I told her that there was no need to take her shoes off, but she insisted saying her heels might damage the carpet.

I would guess she was in her mid to late 20's and was smartly dressed in a trouser suit. She then did the whole meeting meeting in her stockined feet.

I suppose her heels were about 3 inches, but I just thought it a bit odd!!

Celestial Fundy said...

It does not seem odd to me :) Though perhaps it might have seemed odd when I was younger and people seemed to keep their shoes on more.

Thanks for visiting. Have you ever considered restricting shoes in your home?

Sandro said...

your solicitor guest must be a very sensible and really well-bred person

richyrich said...

Considering the age group of this lady, it just confirms what was being discussed on here yesterday, namely that shoe removal is now the "norm" for the younger generation

Anonymous said...


Yes maybe I should start not to wear shoes at home.

I did'nt mind her taking her shoes off, I was just a bit surprised that even after I assured her she did'nt have to she still insisted on taking them off!!

I have also since been to drop some papers off at her office and she was'nrt wearing any shoes there either.


Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks for coming back again, Rob.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

I think that lady did the right thing.

I posted here a while ago about my job with a double glazing company.
I always change into slippers in clients homes, because:

1) I don't need to worry if I have stepped in somneting un-pleasant on the paveemnt.

2) It may be wet outside, - although I do it whatever the weather.

3) I never clean my shoes!!

4) Fianlly it is more comfy.


Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks for dropping in, Kerry.