Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring is finally here

Spring seems to finally be here. It was pretty warm today. A few people are starting to wear their flip flops.

Don't be fooled into thinking that the end of the wet weather and the arrival of the sunshine means you should start allowing shoes inside your home. The ground might be dry, but it still harbours plenty of lead, weed killer, animal excrement traces, roundworms and lots of dust.

Get your sandals out and enjoy the sun, but make sure you switch to bare feet when you go inside!

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Moderate Mouse said...

Regardless of time of year, going barefoot around the house isn't really my style, but I have been wearing one of my pairs of satin slippers every chance I've gotten. In the past, when I've been anticipating company, I'd switch to "real" shoes. However, after I get off duty tomorrow (thrift store volunteer), I'll likely switch to either my black slippers or my white ones and stick to those even when my sister comes over for [my 25th birthday] dinner.

I think a reservation I've had about sticking to slippers or less in the home is the possibility of walking outside and back in that way either by accident or in an emergency situation. But you know what? At least the slippers I normally wear are (machine)washable so if I do end up walking outside in them by accident or under circumstances beyond my control, as long as I run them through the washer(and maybe have a back up pair), it's not that big of a deal to me.