Monday, May 24, 2010

Telegraph: Regime Change brings salad days at No.10

Telegraph: Regime Change brings salad days at No.10

Apparently, Steve Hilton, Conservative party chief strategist, is working at the prime minister's residence with his shoes off. Apparently this would be unheard of under the previous government.


Moderate Mouse said...

The last government probably thought that being shoeless on the job was unprofessional. You know what though? In the US at least, barring the most conservative of settings or ones where a uniform is involved, professional dress in general isn't all that black and white anymore. There's a lot of gray area. There were days when I'd see my graphic designer mom go to work in jeans and others when she'd be more dressed up. (She works for a phone book company.) My stepdad works for the home improvement store Home Depot and will usually wear jeans or (weather permitting) shorts with a button up shirt or polo. At my sister's IT job, jeans and shorts are more of the norm as far as I know. (The same is true for her boyfriend's job.)

As for that thrift store that I work at, as long as how I'm dressed is conducive to a family environment, I'm good to go. I could technically wear jeans (and possbily shorts; the manager has worn the latter on duty a few times) and a t-shirt, but I often opt to wear slacks or a skirt and a top that could at least pass for dressy not only to attempt to look professional but to also help me look/feel grownup. (I'm 25, but if you saw me, you'd think I was younger.)

I had read the article, but I don't recall there being a particular reason that Hilton opted to go shoeless on the job. But if that's what he wishes to do, (whether I could ever bring myself to do that or not) that's his business. It may be just as much of a gray area as is what's going on from the ankles up.

Anonymous said...

My daughter, who is 22 has recently started a new job in a travel agency.

She has to wear a uniform in work, but changes out of her shoes and just wear slippers in the shop.

She says that her shoes hurt if she wears them all day.

I am not sure whether I am becoming old fashioned, but is this considered acceptable work wear these days?.

I have never come accross it before.


Celestial Fundy said...

Anna, thanks for visiting. Have you visited before?

It seems to be rather common, as a lot of people mention it in the comments on this blog.

Removing shoes at work seems to be more common with women, though Steve Hilton and myself are exceptions to that.

Kev said...

Men seem more inclined to wear sensible shoes when working, or at least their expected perameters of dress strongly favour them as is not the case for women: who are still likely to be considered a lesbian if they wear anything unlikely to cause bunions in the wrong setting.

Celestial Fundy said...

But in general women have more footwear options than men.

I was at a Conservative party buffet yesterday and most of the women were wearing sandals and some of them were wearing flip flops, while the men were all in either loafers or brogues.

Although I love my flip flops, I guessed that they might not help me fit in, so I wore loafers.