Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fancy a Picnic?


It is good weather for picnics right now.

You should always remove your shoes before putting your feet on a picnic blanket. Not only do people sit on picnic blankets, but they put food on them. Resting shoes on a picnic blanket is like putting your shoes on the dinner table or even a dinner plate.

Many people who wear shoes at home will remove their shoes before sitting on a picnic blanket, but it is amazing that some people will keep their dirty shoes on.


Anonymous said...


I know it's not relevant to this post, but just wondered whether you had seen the news coverage of the school in Dorset that has effectively introduced a shoes off policy in classes because of new carpets?

Is is called the Mildown Primary School in Blanford, Dorset. I am sure if you Google this and shoes off you will find the story as it seems to have caused a lot of controvsey.

I think the head has asked pupils to wear either slippers or plastic bags on their feet instead of shoes, according to the Dily Mail!! - I don't quite understand the plastic bags thing at all!!

What do you think?


Celestial Fundy said...

Pippa, thanks ever so much for pointing that out. It deserves a post to itself.

Have you visited this blog before?