Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flip Flops

The last week has been incredibly hot. An awful lot of people are wearing flip flops.

As I have said before, the popularity of sandals and flip flops these days show that very few people are embarassed about their feet. So don't be afraid to ask your guests to remove their shoes.

Its no coincidence that flip flops are the first choice of footwear in shoe-removing South-East Asia. Flip flops are the perfect choice of shoe for us Offalists, easy to remove at the door and still leaving our feet comfy when we put them on.


richyrich said...

I think I said on here back during the snow in January of this year that a woman I work with took off her shoes because there was slush on them so as it didn't get on the office carpets. Today she took off her boots (don't ask me why she was wearing boots in the first place in this hot weather)when she was at her desk (presumably because it was hot) and spent the day in her stockinged feet. It is always good to see anyone taking off their shoes inside any building, no matter what their reasons are.

Steve Finnell said...

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Celestial Fundy said...

Steve, I think it is a bit rude to come in here and plug your blog without making any comment about the post.

Celestial Fundy said...

I do think it is weird when women wear boots in hot weather, Rich.

richyrich said...

I do think it is weird when women wear boots in hot weather, Rich

It's probably fashion, the woman in question does like to dress stylishly.

Celestial Fundy said...

I always thought dressing for the season was part of being stylish.

Anonymous said...


Was she wearing ankle or knee-length boots?

Strangely, I work in a travel agents, and one of he girls in the office did the same thing yesterday, - she wore ankle boots to work.

I don't know why she wore them as she has been wearing wedge soled sandals recently. Anyway, she was wearing our uniform of orangey top, navy trousers, and navy ankle boots. But by 10AM she had taken her boots off and spent the rest of the day in her navy socked feet, even in front of customers.

richyrich said...

The woman at my workplace was wearing black knee length boots with stiletto heels (which she had of course taken off yesterday), along with a light top, black trousers and black socks. She was wearing the same today but she had her boots on each time I saw her.

Anonymous said...

Not sure whether anyone is interested, but the girl in my office wore her ankle boots again today, for some reason, and again took them off and worked just in her socks.

richyrich said...

Does the girl in your office often work without her shoes on?

Anonymous said...


I have'nt seen her take her boots off before yesterday, but back in the winter she wore a navy skirt and a pair of navy court shoes which she seemed to kick off as soon as she arrived in the office.

Sorry, but I am unsure why she did this. They looked really worn, and when one of the other girls asked her about it she said they hurt her feet if she wore them all day.

Why she did'nt just buy a comfortable pair I have no idea!!

Does this make any sense to you?

richyrich said...

Maybe she was strapped for cash and couldn't afford to buy a comfortable pair of shoes, especially as you said that the ones she had seemed worn.

Anonymous said...

You could well be right, - I know she spends a lot on the two horses she owns. Even so it seems a bit extreme not to be able to afford a decent pair of shoes for work!!

The way she has been over the last few days in trousers and socks looks discreet, but she did'nt seem at all worried back in the winter when she was in a skirt and stockinged feet so her lack of shoes was obvious.

Have you ever come accrss this type of situation?

richyrich said...

Yes I don't know if you've read past postings I've put on here about a girl I used to work with many years ago. Nearly every day she used to take off her shoes as soon as she arrived in work (sometimes before she even took off her coat!) and then spend the rest of the day in her stockinged feet. When asked why she did this she said that she didn't like wearing shoes. However, she very rarely came into face to face contact with company clients but she wasn't bothered in the slightest about work colleagues seeing her in stockinged feet.

Anonymous said...

Wow, - no sorry I had'nt seen your earlier posts.

Was she a bit hippish or something, and did she just go without shoes indoors or outside as well?

What sort of shoes did she wear and did she take them off year round?

Hope you don't mind me asking - just curious.

By the way i'm Ian.

richyrich said...


There was nothing hippyish about her. She dressed very stylishly (formally for office) and she only took her shoes off indoors. She would wear high heeled stilleto shoes, ankle strap ones being a favourite of hers. And yes she did take them off all the year round.

Celestial Fundy said...

Ian, thanks for visiting.

I get a lot of people giving examples of people removing their shoes at work.

It seems to be a pretty common occurrence.

What do you think about removing shoes in homes?

Anonymous said...


Your memory of the snow reminded me of a similar incident.

Out firm is based in Mid Wales, and back in the winter we had a lot of snow.

Antway, we have a secretary who lives about 12 miles outside town in a really remote location.

Even though she drives a Discovery she was unable to get into work for a few days. After this, she managed to get in to sort some things out but for a couple of days while the weather was bad she just worked from about 10 to 4, so that she could get home before everything froze again. During this time, although she wore a suit (jacket and skirt) she wore her Hunter wellies to the office, and instead of bringing formal shoes with her, she just bought her slippers and wore them around the office.


Celestial Fundy said...

Russ, a lot of people who visit here have similar stories.

Thankyou for visiting. What is your opinion of removing shoes in homes?

Emjay said...

My shoes are nearly always off my feet at home, unless I have to traipse in and out of the house, for which I purchased a pair of slip-on garden clogs. Personally, most footwear is uncomfortable and I avoid it when possible.
Here in America, the concept of removing shoes at the door was, until recently, considered bizarre; one assumed the host was either a cleanliness fanatic or had lived overseas. In California, we tend to live between indoors and outdoors, which makes sock-wearing a bit of a challenge.
Fortunately, style-maven Martha Stewart has, in the past few years, made the argument against wearing shoes in the home, which is refreshing. I am in the process of crafting washable slippers for those uncomfortable with bare feet or socks, but I find most guests do not balk at shoe removal (many seem to relish taking off their shoes; it seems to make them more at ease.)I may consider adding flip flops to my guest basket, as long as they are in a style that may be washed regularly. When they walk in and see the bench with shoes underneath, they take the hint; I have yet to have anyone (except the cable installer) keep their shoes on.
Wonderful blog, thank you for sharing your insights!

Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks for visiting, Emjay.

Please come again.