Friday, July 16, 2010

Fictional People (Stereotypes?) Part 3



Tim is 22 and lives in Birmingham where he works as an IT technician at the university.

He is single and shares a house with two friends.

Tim is very keen on science fiction and owns a large collection of Sci-fi DVDs. He and his friends are also very keen on computer games.

Tim has a shoes-off policy in his house. When he was younger and lived with his parents, he was expected to remove his shoes. When he moved out of the family home, he saw no reason to depart from the norm and got his housemates removing their shoes. Taking care of the carpet just seemed commonsense. Tim's housemates had also grown up expecting to remove shoes in their own homes and when visiting friends. For them, being in socks when in a home was normal for them.

When Tim's girlfriend first visited his house, she was surpised that at a house inhabited by three young men was as clean as it is. She was impressed and had no objection to removing her shoes when visiting.

When watching science fiction movies and t.v. shows, Tim sometimes wonders why characters are seldom shoeless.


Charlotte is 29 and lives with her partner in Reading. She is a pharmacist by profession.

Charlotte is a passionate lover of all things Japanese. She has visited Japan three times and she attends Japanese language classes. She has an avid interest in Japanese Anime films. It is a certainty that any exhibition of Japanese art in the Uk will be visited by Charlotte.

Charlotte admits that her Japanese cooking leaves a little to be desired, but it is not for want of trying. She is not brilliant at cooking English food either, but pharmacy was her calling in life, not catering.

She developed this fanatical interest when she visited a museum at the age of nine. In the museum she saw suits of samuarai armour, Japanese statues and other artifacts that fascinated her. Ever since, she took every opportunity to learn something of the country.

Perhaps inevitably, she adopted the custom of removing shoes in her home. Of course, she had several tatami mats in her living room, so wearing shoes was not an option. Charlotte's partner was under strict instructions to follow Japanese etiquette and remove his slippers before stepping on her tatami mats. He did draw the line at changing into toilet slippers when in the bathroom, however.

Charlotte's friends smile when reminded to remove their shoes. They put it down to her nipponophile craziness.

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richyrich said...

Maybe this story could be posted as well. I'll put on some more if I can think of any

Kathy is a 51 year old divorcee who works as a Legal Secretary and lives in Cheshire. She has two grown up children, both of whom have now left home. She had always wanted light coloured carpets but knew that it would have been impractical whilst the children were younger and living at home, as it would have been impossible to keep clean. However she now has her house to herself and is finally able to do it up the way she wants. She recently had cream coloured carpets installed throughout the house. The only concern she had before she put them in was how they could be kept spotless for long. She did some research on the topic on the internet and saw that a lot of the advice was taking off shoes when people entered the house and she really liked that idea.
Kathy often has friends over for drinks and just a chat and was worried about how visitors to her house would take to a shoes off policy. She was concerned that some might see it as a little odd or “anal retentive” even. However, as soon as she explained the reasons for it to her friends they were all very understanding and now whenever they visit her they kick off their shoes as soon as they are in through the door without any second thoughts