Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scorching Earth

My neighbour just called on me. I stepped outside to talk to him in my bare feet and found the paving stones were scorching hot. I did not think it got that hot in this country.

Hardcore 'Offalists' might suggest it's my fault for going outside barefoot. In Japan, where shoes are always removed, nobody ever steps outside barefoot and you don't even put your bare feet in the genkan (entrance area). Though interestingly enough, a lot of people in old Japanese prints are depicted as going barefoot outdoors.


Moderate Mouse said...

I'm so sorry to do this you again, but 1)in the first sentence of the last paragraph the word "its [sic]" is missing an apostrophe and 2) Where I suspect you meant to say "Though" in the last sentence, it's spelled "Thought".

ani said...

i love the concept of your blog. It is true in england that we often leave our shoes on. But often we are wearing big sturdy boots or lace up shoes that have to protect us from rain and mud and other such delights, and it seems more effort than not to take them off. I actually find if the house is carpeted i will remove my shoes, but if it is floorboards, i will keep them on as i don't want to get cold or have splinters.

Celestial Fundy said...

Ani, thanks for visiting.

I know plenty of people in this country who don't wear sturdy boots or lace up shoes very often.

You are not likely to get splinters from the wood floors in modern homes.