Thursday, July 01, 2010

Teenage Memory

I remember when I was 15 or 16 being invited to a barbecue at the home of a guy who was about 17. After we had been in the garden for quite a while, it started to rain and we needed to go in the house.

The boy whose home it was asked us to take our shoes off when we went in. His parents did not have a shoes-off rule and I had visited quite a few times and kept my shoes on. Presumably he was under instructions from his parents that his guests were to take their shoes off if they went inside.

There was a girl there who had come with a friend that she was staying with overnight. She protested at being asked to remove her shoes because she was not wearing socks. Back in the mid-nineties, it was fairly fashionable to wear sneakers without socks. The boy insisted that she needed to take her shoes off. However, she refused. Her friend went into the house barefoot and made some quick goodbyes and then they left and returned to her house.

What would have happened if the house of the girl's friend was further away and they were reliant on being picked up at a certain time? Would she have stayed outside or would she have taken her shoes off? I suppose the host could have offered her some socks.

At the time, I took the moral of the story to be that if you wear sneakers without socks, you must be prepared to be barefoot. You never knew when you might have to take your shoes off.

These days people don't seem to wear sneakers without socks so much; they wear those ridiculous socks that leave the ankles bare but which are still visible. Teenage girls at a party would probably be wearing those flat ballet pumps without socks, unless it was winter and they wearing those Ugg boots. Fashions have changed an awful lot.

Of course, if you are wearing sneakers without socks, your feet are more likely to smell. If you get asked to remove them in somebody's home, the best thing to do is to ask if you can be excused and wash your feet in the bathroom.


Celestial Fundy said...

Cut and pasted a sentence to the wrong paragraph. Edited it before MM noticed it.

Moderate Mouse said...

A couple of things I noticed. The last sentence in the second paragragh has one "He was" before the word "presumably" and an extra one after it, reading "He was presumably he was...".

Second, in the second paragraph from the end, the word "ridiculous" was spelled "ridiculose". (I check Yahoo! to see if it was one of those words where the spelling may vary; no such luck.) In the same paragraph, where I'm sure you meant to say "bare" it's spelled "bear".

(On a slightly different note, I'm not into those really low cut socks myself either. And as much as I reserve the use of my sneakers for when I go out--though sometimes I'll wear either my yellow plastic flip-flops or my Mary Janes instead--if I do wear sneakers, I will likely wear socks with them. Not that I've never worn sneakers without socks.)

Moderate Mouse said...

Actually, I just now checked Yahoo! again, and it turns out that various sites have the spelling of "ridiculose" that was here. I apologize for any misunderstanding on my last comment.

Jasper said...

So what did you edit, Matt? I still see the things MM noticed (all three of them), two of which I had also spotted - I missed the bear/bare issue... Or did you mean to say that you posted your text before MM noticed the errors? Or is it impossible to edit posts after they've been published? I'm not familiar with the publishing side of blogging yet, but I'll give your suggestion of putting online something in Dutch serious thought. And no, I don't want to sound bitchy, but I'm just curious.

Celestial Fundy said...

MM, I think sneakers look better without socks. But as I don't wear sneakers so much as I used to do, I usually wear socks with them for practicality these days.

Celestial Fundy said...

Jasper, a couple of hours after I posted this, before MM looked at it, I noticed that I had cut and pasted a sentence into the wrong paragraph and it did not make sense.

anaïs's mumma said...

i don't blame the girl if she didn't want to take off her shoes in a house where they usually wear shoes inside. that is gross and i probably would not do it either. i would just leave, haha.

Celestial Fundy said...

I don't think the girl was a regular visitor there. She was probably not aware that shoes were worn in this house. She just did not want to be barefoot.

Obviously, you have to start somewhere.

If you have a friend who permits shoes and decides to adopt a shoes-off policy, what do you expect them to do before you start removing your shoes there?

anaïs's mumma said...

it's complicated, but not as much as i am. i am bullheaded as much as those who won't take theirs off at my door. i just ask them to leave, nothing else. they say it's rude, but it's disrespect on their part not abiding by a simple request :3