Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Visited Stevenage Police Station Again

(Sorry, I did not really meet Coronation Street's Becky Granger there)

I was shadowing a colleague from the Drug Intervention Program again and so got to visit Stevenage police station's custody suite again.

People detained at Stevenage cells have their shoes replaced with rubber beach sandals. I noticed some of the prisoners there had left their replacement sandals outside the cells. Perhaps the custody officers thought these prisoners might throw the flip flops when the doors were opened.


Moderate Mouse said...
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Celestial Fundy said...

She probably is. But maybe she should have worn a less skimpy wedding dress.

Then again, she has taken off her cardigan.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether you spend any time in the court buidings and if so do you know whether the solicitors / baristers have assistants who help them in court with witnesses etc?

I was in court the other day for a minor driving offence and there was a smartly dressed young lady who looked like she was working in some capacity wearing a smart suit but walking around the court buidings in her stockinged feet.
Overhearing the conversations I think she had broken her heel and had no other shoes to wear!!

Celestial Fundy said...

I don't think that happens much in the courts.

In some American courts, everybody has to remove their shoes for security scans.

richyrich said...

Anonymous, do you mind me asking where this court was? And I wonder how the lady got home and what she wore on her feet then.

Moderate Mouse said...

"She probably is. But maybe she should have worn a less skimpy wedding dress."

You think she is? I hadn't seen the show myself as I'm not from the UK and never been there (and going there is not in my future that I know of), so I wouldn't know what time of year that episode took place in. The way she was curled up made it look she was trying to keep warm. That particular style of wedding dress isn't one I see myself wearing when/if I marry as I prefer to wear more concealing clothing personally (e.g. not showing my legs above the knee if I can help it), but what other ladies marry in is their business, IMO.

"Then again, she has taken off her cardigan."

Again, I've never seen that show, let alone that particular episode, so I wouldn't have known that she was wearing a cardigan in the first place, let alone that she took it off.

Celestial Fundy said...

If you look closely at the picture, you will see she her cardigan is on the bunk. If she was cold, she would put it on.

Her posture probably indicates misery rather than cold.