Saturday, August 07, 2010

Bare Necessities

I am very surprised to see so many women in their late sixties wearing flip flops this summer. Obviously a lot of older women are not embarrassed to have their feet on display.

Reading discussions about the pros and cons of the shoes-off policy you would be forgiven for thinking that a large proportion of the population cannot cope without constant ankle and arch support. At least in the UK, that impression would seem to be a mistake. A lot of older women seem to get by with minimal ankle and arch support.

I dare say that health professionals might not necessarily recommend women in their late sixties to wear flip flops, but they made the choice to wear them, so they can't be very uncomfortable.

It might be that concerns about the need for ankle and arch support are more reflective of an American context. As I understand it, podiatrists in the USA tend to discourage going shoeless, while podiatrists in the UK often recommend going barefoot indoors.


Susann Akers said...

I just have !! I have been reading your posts for a while now but decided to comment after losing my rag at the weekend. I have a doormat at the front door.Just mopped my wooden floor, within 2 hours dirty footprints all over it. The family know they shoes take shoes off wgen they come in. My lodger's boy friend always does. He says he was taught to do it as a child and doesn't know any different !!

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Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks for leaving your comment. Its always nice to hear from people.