Monday, August 02, 2010

Cash In The Attic

While my car was getting an MOT test, I happened to see an episode of Cash in the Attic on the garage television. This is a daytime show where the presenter helps a family to clear out all the junk in their home and has it valued to be auctioned.
On that episode the couple was a hippyish American woman with an Indian husband.

I noticed that the presenter was in her bare feet and the antiques expert who valued their stuff was in his socks. I did not see the beginning, so I did not see if they had been asked to remove their shoes, but they were obviously following the custom of the family they were visiting.

It makes a change to see t.v. presenters respecting a shoeless home.


Moderate Mouse said...

I was going to ask what an MOT test (which I never heard of before, what with being from the US and all) was, but then I realized that I could probably find that out online somewhere, so I did.

So, how did it turn out, or do you have to wait a while yet for the results?

Celestial Fundy said...

Its a mandatory test to ensure that a car is roadworthy. My car is fine.