Monday, August 09, 2010

East European Young Mother

I was out door knocking this evening on behalf of Stevenage Conservatives.

At one of the houses I called on there was a young mother with an eastern European accent. She was barefoot and behind her was a huge shoe rack with an extensive collection of shoes. Good to see eastern European immigrants keeping up with the custom of removing shoes at the door.


richyrich said...

Can I ask you what were you doing with the Conservatives at this time? Is there any election coming up? Just a matter of interest.

Also when you've been going round. Have you seen any evidence of a shoes off policy in any other houses? And did you say anything to this lady about shoes off policies?

Celestial Fundy said...

No election just yet. We are delivering feedback surverys so that residents can make their views known to our MP.

You see quite a few people not wearing shoes. Its not always easy to tell.

I would not want to take up somebody's time, so I don't talk long.

cuanamar said...

I am romanian, living in Germany, and yes still keep my shoes off while inside the house. It's an unwritten rule that I was thaught as a child. I think a very good one. Plus it keeps your house cleaner for longer periods of time. and yes I am an architect too. Walking inside your home shoeless is like walking on your own sacred ground. It brings peace, calmness, a general feeling of well being. thank you for the article!!!

Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment.