Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elegantly Barefoot


I want to challenge the notion that being bare foot should be associated with informality, poverty, tackiness or 'rednecks.'

The great artists of the past loved to paint the human form and they welcomed the challenge of painting the naked human foot. They have left us with many images of people who are barefoot, yet still possessing grace and elegance.

This blog's header image, The Golden Stairs, by Edward Burne Jones is a good example of this, but here are some more:


Bob said...

My wife recently attended a trunk show...(a collection of designer clothing) someone's home. The event was after work and the women who were invited to attend were all professional working women.The invitation stated that it would be a shoeless affair as who would want to keep their heels on after a long day at work. The hostess let the women know in advance what was expected so there would be no arkward moments and framed her request as to what would be most comfortable for her guests rather than a demand on her part...quite clever I think

Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks for sharing that.

Your wife seems to attend a remarkable number of shoeless functions! Is South Carolina becoming the American Sweden? You will all be eating pickled herrings and meatballs and buying lots of flatpacked Ikea furniture next.

Bob said...

It does seem that way...perhaps our tradion has rubbed off on the folks down here!!!

richyrich said...

Presenting shoes removal as a comfort thing for guests rather than a "demand" in the host's "selfish" interests is a very good way of requesting it.

Itinérante said...

Oh this is a beautiful entry! I hope you do more posts like that!

Matthew Celestis said...