Saturday, September 11, 2010

"It's Better With Your Shoes Off" by Anne Cleveland (1955)

In 1955, Anne Cleveland wrote a classic comic book about life in Japan from an American perspective. The books illustrates the life of an expatriate couple, Mr and Mrs West who are in semi-permanent residence in Japan. An amusingly satirical work, this book introduced Japanese culture to many who knew nothing of the country.


Eldar said...

Cool! I liked it. Thanks for posting these. Just to add that in Estonia at the housewarming parties you have all these nicely clad people without slippers, just stockinged feet:)) Except some really, really rare occasions when outdoor shoes are allowed, or when people bring their own indoor shoes/slippers.

Moderate Mouse said...

At my sister's birthday party last night, the scenario on dress was the opposite of what was portrayed in the pictures: shoes stayed on (as a lot of people, including myself, were constantly in and out; however, those of us staying overnight, including myself, had slipped theirs off, if not when ready to go to sleep, then around within the last hour before midnight, or those dark hours of the morning that I've heard referred to in a cartoon as "night morning") and everyone was in either jeans or shorts. (Most, if not all, of the parties that my sister and her boyfriend host call for casual clothes. The days of the dressy home party are apparently dead to my family as well as close friends and/or neighbors thereof.)

Moderate Mouse said...

I don't know if this of interest, but someone made a shoe-related comment about a currently on-going elimination based US show called "Money Hungry".

For those of you who have never heard of the show, it's basically where people in groups of two have come to lost weight. Each week, there's some sort of physical challenge in the show (where winners get immunity and cannot be eliminated), and towards the end, said groups are weighed. (This factors in to whether a group stays or goes.)

Anyway, the possibly relevant comment was that at the weigh-in, the contestants shouldn't have on any footwear when stepping on the scale as it adds to the weight.

I know I've been taught not to wear shoes when weighing myself for that reason. For that matter, I don't even wear slippers on the bathroom scale at home. (The slippers in question probably wouldn't pose as much of a threat to scale readings as say, a pair of sneakers, but why risk it, you know?)

So I guess when/if you decide to re-post that list of reasons to have a shoe-free home, you could add something like "You can step onto the bathroom scale to check your weight without needing to take your shoes off first."

P.S. Here I am mentioning scales, and the verification code says "reduce" if that counts for anything.

Moderate Mouse said...

I apologize if my last comment came across as by any means inappropriate.

Celestial Fundy said...

I don't see why that is inappropriate.

I suppose that is a reason to remove your shoes.