Monday, October 11, 2010

The Abyss

Yesterday evening I was watching James Cameron's 1989 film, The Abyss, about an underwater drilling crew who discover an alien race in an ocean trench. I quite like that film, even though it is a bit unbelievable and rather fixated on special effects.

When I first saw The Abyss, I noticed that most of the time, the crew remove their shoes before operating the mini-submarine craft they use to explore the depths. Are they trying to get comfortable in a very enclosed space or do they want to keep the mini-sub cockpits clean?


Moderate Mouse said...

I hadn't seen The Abyss myself, so I wouldn't know what to tell you.

On an unrelated note, I wanted to get some advice for a Halloween costume I'm putting together. I decided that this year, I'd do it from clothing that I own as I have so much of it.

I've decided to dress as a waitress this time. I have a secondhand khaki dress that I had gotten this past spring but haven't had a chance to wear yet. Its cut is very similar to that of various waitresses on TV. The other parts I have decided on for sure were a pair of regular skin-toned hose and having my hair in a ponytail. There might be an apron involved if I'm able to find one that's exceptionally inexpensive.

The part that I need advice on is the shoes part. The kind I most see working with it are a pair of white sneakers (either ones I have or a pair that I might find somewhere in town as the ones I have are kind of worn out). However, there's a good chance that I will be at home passing out candy if I don't get any invites anywhere, and I've cut down on my shoe wearing at home throughout the year in favor of slippers when I'm staying in. For this reason, I'm wondering if I should opt for one of my pairs of ballet flat slippers (either my black pair or my white pair) if it should in fact turn out that I'll be staying in. Would that be possible to do without throwing off the overall effect, or should I lift my "slippers when staying in" rule that I have for myself and plan on wearing the sneakers just for that night?

(BTW CF, although the whole thing about Christians celebrating Halloween is a gray area to me personally, I know that various members of the Christian faith refuse to have anything to do with Halloween. If you're one of them and therefore would not be comfortable answering this question yourself, I will understand if you'd rather delete this altogether or have someone else answer my question. As nice it would be to get an answer here, it's more important to me that I don't put you in an awkward position. If I need to I can seek suggestions elsewhere.)

Sandro said...

In some Turkish restaurants, waitresses wear flip-flops as part of the uniform

Celestial Fundy said...

Personally, I don't believe in keeping Halloween.

Its a bit scarier in the UK, where people only dress up as ghosts, witches, serial killers or other freaky things. People would think it really strange to dress as a waitress on Halloween.

In this country, most waitresses seem to wear ballet pumps. They would only wear sneakers if the dress code was more casual than usual.

Sandro said...

regarding the question in the original post, I know whoever enters a spacecraft is supposed to take his/her shoes off either for hygiene or safety reason; since the craft in the film is somehow like a space one :), the same rule might work

Celestial Fundy said...

I think people in space don't wear shoes because of the zero gravity.

In science fiction films where they somehow magiacally created gravity, space crews wear boots.

Sandro said...

yes, but I definitely know that even on land, Soviet/Russian crafts could/can only be entered after removing shoes.

Celestial Fundy said...

Well, Russians are sensible like that.

I don't know if British Rockets Group would think of doing that in their space program.

Anonymous said...

i've only just come across your blog and i was wondering- what about letting dogs in and out of the house? they don't wear shoes to protect their feet, they only go in the dirt and grass yard (not on the streets), so is it ok to let them in the house without cleaning their feet if they're not obviously muddy or something?

Celestial Fundy said...

It's up to you what you do.

You could wipe the dogs' paws if you want.

I don't think people should use pets as a reason for not removing their shoes.

Moderate Mouse said...

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

I might take a shot at wearing one of my pairs of ballet flat slippers with my dress if it should turn out that I'll be staying in and passing out candy. (That's what I did last year. Unfortunately, the trick-or-treaters were a no-show.) If I end up getting an invite to a party, then sneakers it is. (I can't afford ballet pumps, and even if I did, I'd have to get the plainest ones I could find as I'm in the process of looking for a job and need to keep things professional.)

I'm afraid that the particular flip-flops I own (one being the blue pair I wear at home because of the fuzzy detail at the V-strap, and the other is a yellow plastic pair that I sometimes wore this past summer) wouldn't go so well with the dress. Also, it's very difficult, if not impossible, to make flip-flops work with hose (and going bare-legged beneath a skirt/dress doesn't tend to work out for me).

In the US, some people opt for the "scary" route for their costumes, which I have myself a couple of times in the past. However, there's a broad range of other options as well. (Although I think "strangeness" more or less adds to the charm of Halloween, even if I were to opt for waitress as my costume in the UK, with the right make-up, I could make it look scary and less "strange".)

By the way, I noticed that in the last sentence, "cockpits" has an apostrophe in it.

Sandro said...

I read Korolyov, the founder of the Soviet Space Program, had chosen Yuri Gagarin among other candidates because he removed his shoes before trial entering the spacecraft for the first time, without being prompted. I think other qualifications must have been the same with other candidates )

Celestial Fundy said...