Monday, October 18, 2010

Daily Mail: Is asking guests to take off their shoes rude or good housekeeping?

Daily Mail: Is asking guests to take off their shoes rude or good housekeeping?

by Mary Gold

"But making people take their shoes off is a new fad, surely? Our parents didn’t do it, but then our parents lived in one or maybe two houses all their lives and entertained guests in a couple of downstairs rooms. Nowadays guests seem to expect a tour of the whole house, especially if you have just moved in.

Kate Millns says shoe removal is a ­generational thing. ‘I never ask guests to take their shoes off, but my daughter, who is 22, has moved into a new house with pale ­carpets and she makes people take their shoes off. Maybe it is now she has got her own place and she is having to do her own cleaning!’

Is the whole shoe removal commotion a class issue — all a little bit Footballers’ Wives? Has the trend for all-white ­minimalism turned us into horrible hostesses?
Absolutely not, says Jo Bryant of Debrett’s, the etiquette bible. ‘It doesn’t matter whether you like being asked to take your shoes off, it’s a matter of respecting the host. Look for signals — if there is a pile of shoes in the hall, offer to remove yours."


Sandro said...

Is it so difficult to look after one's feet? What a weak reason!

Anonymous said...

I must give you complimets about your ability in finding good articles related to "shoes off", very interesting indeed! I really appreciate your blog, carry on! :-)

Here in Sweden people always kick their shoes off before entering someone's home, at all kind of informal meetings, parties (except very formal parties), kids up to 12years usually take of their shoes before entering their classroom.

And the best thing is that people here don't feel ashamed about their feet in any way, and people who dislike being in their bare feet usually bring some socks with them. Bc people usually don't offer slippers or stuff here, everybody knows what they have to do when entering someone's house so people can't blame anybody for not telling them.

People are used to be in socks or bare feet here, so they have not a bloody problem in being that way.
You should see informal summer meetings/parties here - almost everyone is in their bare feet and totally fine and happy with it, it's crazy! XD

Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks a lot for leaving your comment and positive feedback.

Eldar said...

Thanks for this post. Actually, I liked the picture, it´s exactly what the ladies do first when they come in here - to remove even the most elegant of shoes:)) I also liked the comment of the Swedish anonymous. Sounds exactly like in Estonia.