Monday, November 08, 2010

Great Comment on Mumsnet

"But it's not really a case of valuing furniture over friends. It's of liking both , and wanting one to do to something small to keep the other one nice."

I like that. Asking people to take their shoes off is just a small thing, but it helps. This was in this discussion on Mumsnet. In general, Mumsnet users tend not to be keen on the shoes-off policy.


Antonio said...


I miss you. I have posted a couple posts on my blog and unashamed of grace.

blessings to you


Celestial Fundy said...

It's lovely to here from you, Antonio. I will check out your posts.

By the way, somebody is sending spam using your email account.

Moderate Mouse said...

I noted in a previous thread that awhile back, at the thrift store where I volunteer, when the manager and I were setting up a display in the window which invovled some sheets over the white carpet of said window, that both of us took the precaution of removing our shoes before stepping onto said sheets.

Part of said display consists of most of the stuffed animals that we are trying to sell. Yesterday, I had more stuffed animals to put into said window. This took me a couple of trips, but I slipped my shoes off prior to stepping onto the sheets every time in order to place the stuffed animals wherever they needed placed. (For what it's worth, I mentioned this briefly in my Day 43 account of my volunteer work in my blog, "On The Road To The Rest Of My Life", the shoe-removal thing,that is. It's reasons like that why I don't feel so bad about having taken to wearing loafers lately. They're the least worn out shoes that I currently have that are even remotely cold weather-friendly.)

One of the reservations to shoes off in the home that I had two years ago when I first joined this discussion is that if one is in and out of the house multiple times a day, then it'd mean repeatedly taking the shoes off and putting them back on. Well, if I was willing to do that for the multiple times I was in and out of the window and was there for a minute or two at most, then having them off if I'm home in between commitments (if I have enough of a time gap between multiple commitments in a day TO be home) shouldn't be that big of a deal, especially if I'll have time to eat and possibly take care of something around the house.