Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My Worries About Our School Gymnasiums

One of the bizarre customs that has been imported to these shores from the other side of the Atlantic is the school prom. This is a sort of ball held for school leavers involving dancing, dressing up in appalling evening wear and, most shockingly, hiring limousines. The main culprit in this seems to be film and television. Every young person wants to copy what is on the screens these days. Probably the excess of glamour in celebrity culture has a part to play in promoting this abhorrence. Call me a puritan, but there is nothing sillier than seeing photographs in local papers of teenagers dolled up in evening wear.

My worry is the effect of this imported custom on our school gymnasium floors. Are they putting down plastic sheeting for these events? If not, are our taxes going to be wasted on repairing floors ruined by heels that girls have not even learned to walk in? Perhaps some head teachers can reassure me about this.

They really should think about importing the sock hop idea as well.


Moderate Mouse said...

At my junior and senior proms, there was some sort of sheeting on the floor. Nonetheless, even that wouldn't hold up against the average high heels, so there was a rule of no shoes in the gym. I think said rule was aimed at us girls who were most likely to be wearing heels so we left our shoes at what was called the "coat check" just inside the gym and wore our dresses with bare or stocking feet (I was one of the few girls to be wearing any hoisery, and it was the skin-toned kind) while almost all of our male counterparts kept their shoes on. (My senior year, though, there was one guy that wore flip-flops with his suit, but he took them off at some point.)

BTW, I never did do the limo thing, and for the junior prom, I borrowed a dress from my sister, and my mom made the one for my senior prom. Both were sleeveless but otherwise covered more than those of a lot of the other girls. (I've never cared for anything strapless, low cut, etc.)

Celestial Fundy said...

All these experiences an English person of my age has missed out on!

How very sensible of them to ban heels for that prom. I wonder how common that is. Certainly not something you would see in films or television.

And well done for dressing modestly.

Sandro said...

I remember a girl in a Russian forum saying she likes to sport funny socks with pictures when at people's homes.
My practice shows some girls willingly remove their boots to show some nice features of their nylons otherwise invisible.
I say this for the idea how shoes-off parties could look fancy.

Anonymous said...


I am a parent govenor at a small school.

We were lucky enough to have to flooring installed in the summer and have introduced a no outdoor shoes rule to protect the floors.

Some pupils change into plimsols, some slippers and some shoeless.

The teajers have also stopped wearing high heels etc.


Celestial Fundy said...

Ellie, thankyou so much for your comment.

I think that is a very sensible policy and I am encouraged that your school is pursuing it.

What do you think about removing shoes in homes?