Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's not a cold weather thing


Occasionally some people suggest that the difference between countries where shoes are removed and where they are kept on is the climate. This is pretty misleading.

It is true that most countries with harsh winters like Canada and Finland are in the shoes-off camp, while the gentle weather of Mediterranean Europe is enjoyed by Spanish and Italians who for the most part, keep their shoes on indoors.

However, there are many countries with warm climates that practice the shoes-off rule. These include:




Hawaii (USA)

United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia







Sri Lanka

And in some countries which have cold winters, but warm summers, for instance Albania and Croatia, shoes are removed over the whole year, winter and summer.

The fact is that whether the weather is hot or cold, dirt is still dirt. The fact that the weather outside is warm does not mean that the streets and the soil outside is clean.


Anonymous said...


With all this snow and slush around I have started carrying a pair of slippers in my bag to change into when visiting frinds and so on.

I work for a recruitment agency and have also worn them in the office while the weather is so bad.


Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks for dropping in, Julie.

Have you visited before?

Anonymous said...

No I have'nt visited before, but i love your blog.

I have always supported shoes off in homes, but the recent snow here in Cardiff has been terrible, and that why just bfore Xmas i bought slippers to carry with me.


Moderate Mouse said...

Normally in Kansas (or my part thereof anyway), December means cold weather, with or without rain, snow, etc. (We've had a bit of the latter, but it's amounted to flurries at most.) Thus, when I'm going to be home for a while, I'll generally have on one of my pairs of ballet flat slippers, usually with socks.

However, the weather was warm enough to warrant a light jacket at most when I was out running my errands. (I had to do two rounds of errands for reasons I won't go into here.) When I was home from my first round of errands, I ditched the sneakers and socks I had been wearing, touched up my pedicure (which involves an alternating pattern of red and green polish; as of tomorrow night, some polish that I had gotten for Christmas THIS year will take its place), and switched to one of my pairs of strappy sandals before heading out to run my second round of errands.

Right now, I'm wearing my blue "at home" flip-flops, which I normally wear in the spring and summer when at home, provided that I am NOT dressed up at the time. But I am prepared to switch to my ballet flat slippers if it gets cold tonight.