Saturday, January 01, 2011



Those of you with cats will know about Toxoplasmosis. It's a nasty parasitic infection that our feline friends get from eating bad meat.

Toxoplasmosis can survive in soil over a year. That means that being careful not to step on cats' mess is not going to make a difference; you cannot see the stuff in the soil.

Toxoplasmosis that is brought into the house and onto your floor can infect small children. This can lead to fever, pneumonia and damaged vision.

Just insist on all shoes being removed at your door. It's not rocket science.


Moderate Mouse said...

Just so you know, I noticed that the "Its" in both the first and last paragraphs are missing apostrophes.

I hope your New Year's has been a good one.


Your Pet Proofreader (or am I more like a stray that periodically appears at the door?)

Celestial Fundy said...

Thanks. I was working a night shift on New Year's Eve, but New Years Day was relaxing once I woke up.

Moderate Mouse said...

Good to hear that you've had a good New Year's Day.

As for me, I had a (relatively) quiet evening at home on New Year's Eve, consisting of dinner with my mom and stepdad, followed by watching TV and breaking out the shots that I got for Christmas, and welcoming the new year with champagne.

I worked Saturday afternoon at the thrift store where I volunteer. Normally, I'm there on Fridays and home on Saturdays. However, there was supposedly no one on the staff that was able to run the register (something I do only if there's no one else available to do so; otherwise, I'm in and out of the back room depending on what needs done at any one time) on New Year's Day, so the manager had asked me if I could go in on Saturday instead of my normal hours on Friday, to which I said yes, so that's what I did. Let's just say that, given how much I drank Friday night, it was a good thing I had coffee available on Saturday morning.

Anonymous said...

I thought you may be intersted in something that has happened where we live.

We live in one of the areas suffering from no refuse collections for severale weeks because of Xmas and the weather.

Anyway, because the are loads of black rubbish bags pilling up on the pavements (some of which have been ripped open with rubbish spilling out onto the pavements) the school my daughter attends has bought in a temporary shoes off policy until it is resloved.


Celestial Fundy said...

Julie, thanks for sharing that.

I would very much commend that school's decision.

Have you visited this blog before?

richyrich said...


Where do you live? And is your daughter's school primary and secondary? Are the children required to put on pumps or slippers whilst they are there or do they just go around in their stockinged feet? And does the rule apply to teachers and other staff as well as to the pupils (as I think it should)? It would be really good if the school discovered how much cleaner the place is since the shoes off rule came into being and decided to make it permanent. Couldn't you as a parent suggest that to them?